Gaddafi — alkagoli record for blood

The traffic police Imst neighborhood that in the Austrian federal state of Tyrol, compared what they had seen Belarusian wagon with a bomb on wheels. Full load machine made true on the track "Eight." If you managed to stop a van and open the driver’s cab, police heard a strong odor of alcohol.
As necessary from the Police Blotter, police from Imst beheld in my own practice a lot, but Such is the case they seemed unparalleled.
As shown by a special test, 47-year-old Belarusian received about 3 per mille of alcohol in the blood, which corresponds to approximately 600 grams of vodka drunk man of middle age and physique. Riding in Austria norm 0.5 ppm. In other statesah EU such normative ranges between 0.2 and 0.8 ppm.
According to employees of service traffic, the amount of alcohol in the blood Belarusian — an absolute record for the roads in Austria. Police to This time not have a logical explanation, like a man in general could drive at such a difficult stretch of road. As the doctors, people in this state usually spends consciousness.
Intoxicated driver was fined 1,500 euros and deprived of rights.

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