Garment factories of Ukraine sew clothes brands

Skill Ukrainian tailors have already appreciated the British company New Look, Marks &Spencer, Next, Laura Ashley and Top Shop, Spanish Zara, Dutch Mexx, German Triumph, American BCBG, based in the U.S. and has become an international Esprit, as well as a number of other brands that are place orders in Ukraine under the scheme of raw material.

Everything comes from abroad — from fabric and thread to tags, price tags and packaging. Domestic factories carry out the order and sent to Europe and the United States have already finished products.  

Suits for Hugo Boss manufactures including vinnitskaya factory "Volodarka" and previously for brand sewed Kiev factory "Dana" and "Youth".

It is the work for foreign brands has now become a major area of activity of the domestic garment factories: according to the Ukrainian Association of Light Industry, exports go up to 85% of their products.

Moreover, the volume of contracts is quite solid, according to the information themselves garment workers who appear in the contract amount is not known, even single orders to tens of thousands of items.

Cooperation with foreign customers not only helped to survive domestic light industry, but also allowed her to join the world technologies, as well as to upgrade the equipment. Today Ukrainian equipment factories, according to experts, the European level.

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