Gas pipe will privatize Belarus

Russian director of the CIS Institute, State Duma deputy Zatulin believes that Russian business has enthusiasm for privatization in Belarus, but to a large extent its activity will depend on what is offered in the list:

"We would only wish that there was no double standards, that relatively Russian business is not doing special order privatization or did he informal complexities. I think the first Russian business is set to favorably Belarus, in particular small and medium. Regarding large owners, there were different challenges at different periods of their investments in Belarus. Whose truth here and who povinet, I can not judge. But it is clear that the Belarusian government is not very keen to give in someone’s hands businesses that are registered basis of the state of the economy. ‘Cause all that is offered — usually minority shred, neklyuchavyya based on beliefs of the Belarusian enterprise economy. Yet, and this is necessary to participate and take advantage of these capabilities. "
Russian business really expresses enthusiasm to, to buy the most valuable thing in Belarus. In May, Alexander Lukashenko met with Chairman of the Supervisory Board of "Basic Element" Oleg Deripaska and CEO of Enterprise "Russian Machines" Valery Lukin. Several large banks have already bought Russian financial institutions, in the construction industry is moving the capital of Belarus "Itera-group".
But Russian politician and businessman Konstantin Borovoy believes that a mass influx of Russians in Belarus will not be — a very risky market. Well, the promised privatization may eventually remain only in words:

"I understand that privatization, which will be held in Belarus — an absolute linden, imitation privatization. Just at the moment there is a need to pretend in Belarus probable privatization, there is a willingness to introduce elements of a market economy. But in fact there is no readiness. And then, what’s happening Belarus accessories around — in enterprises, other forms of private property — it’s scary. Scary when confiscated everything. Even relatively successful enterprise manager can to prevent drop in jail. In Belarus is was taken as practice before the option to Khodorkovsky in Russia. It really tested in Belarus. "
Last political prisoner and Belarusian businessman Vladimir Kudinov, which is currently has two poultry farms in the Crimea, is not going vorachivatsya home.
Privatization plan, which advertises the Belarusian government, it does not lure as there is a big risk. According Kudinova, buyers may be offered only supplies the Russians:

"Belarusian entrepreneurs not all declared income. This must have official income. Because the main actors in the privatization of Russian entrepreneurs are — taking into account that there are guarantees from the Russian government. They can spetsefichesky way for the government to push the gas pipe, if the process goes back . "
According Kudinova, due to lack of guarantees that will not start repryvatyzatsyya, European businesses do not go to Belarus, while business management remains in the hands of the country:
"All of these privatization will not lead to great. Main stake must belong to the person’s personal or business traveler will then be effective privatization. Simply not enough money in enterprises, so they decided not to give money from the budget, and to involve the investors’ money."
According to Vladimir Kudinova, efficient privatization fails to occur only after the change of the political situation in Belarus. Tags: privatization, Russian, capital Zatulin Kudinov, upland

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