Gazeta Wyborcza: From King Belarus understanding unrealistic

"There are several circumstances through which the Belarusian Teran can not afford for themselves on such a turn. He perfectly understands that "restructuring" of its post-Soviet museum bring it to the court in The Hague, to which was necessary be responsible for the elimination of political enemies. Old Russian values, hostility to the West — is the only political capital remaining Lukashenko and by which, despite the antipathy of Putin, it is not easy to deal with, "- writes Wyborcza.
According to the newspaper, Belarus held at the moment only because of the large economic support from Russia, which sells inexpensive Minsk energoelementy and buys virtually all MAZ trucks, tractors and other products.
"Moscow has the content of the Lukashenko regime, since it come to power no" orange ", Belarus and probably will not go to Europe. ‘Cause if Lukashenka fulfilled crazy maneuver and turned to the West, Belarus lost outright to Russian support and simultaneously become zero, "- says Vaclav Radzivinovich.
Created notes that the problem of Belarus can not be solved by choosing meanwhile, in order to give the Russian Federation or Belarus’ Lukashenko tame. " Indeed, in his opinion, the case likely completed a "palace coup" in Minsk, Russia initiated.
"Our only partner in Belarus — is weak, to the chagrin of the opposition and those brave young men who are on October Square publicly declared that Lukashenko not allowed a third time in a row to become president. They need to assist them to be stronger, united and assured fellow euro-righteous choice. Then they may be ripe before the Russians "- wrote in the current issue Gazeta Wyborcza.

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