George Bush supports Alexander Kozulin

This was announced in Washington on Thursday, U.S. President George Bush, Speaking to members of the U.S. Agency for international development.
In his speech, he noted that at the Days "signed an order" in which "instructed all officials who are serving in undemocratic countries to maintain regular contact with political dissidents and democratic activists."
George Bush once again mentioned the Belarusian political prisoner Alexander Kozulin. His daughter Olga, Coordinator of the Public Commission "Freedom to Kazulin" is currently on a visit to the United States.
"We support Olga Kozulin. Her father — Alexander Kozulin — remains in jail in Belarus for" sin, "which is nominated as a candidate for president," said the head of the White House.
Bush stressed that "America must remain a favorite in the protection of Human Rights"
Meanwhile in yesterday’s interview with radio station Voice of America (Voice of America) Olga Kozulin noted:

"I wish to emphasize that America chose the right specifically, solid and fundamentally, the position in relation to Lukashenko. Only economic sanctions can intimidate Lukashenko, just because of the economic sanctions it somehow begins to change Situation in Belarus. Because I hope that my father will soon unleash … Very soon, I hope, it will be after parliamentary elections. And it will not be so that Lukashenko so willed, and as it pressured the EU and the U.S.. "

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