Georgians and Russians in Belarus: various sights on war

Artist Tariel Maysuradze — Georgians, who was born in Abkhazia, the last 20 years living in Belarus. He and his family — still the first victims of the conflict in the local areas of Georgia first 1990s. Maysuradze miraculously saved from slaughter in Abkhazia and ancestors Taryela half the 10-ka years living in Tbilisi refugee status without having the ability to return to their homes. With the latest wave of escalating violence that prospect becomes almost mystical. My companion does not hide the despair:
"I believe that we need to do to push people among themselves. My house in Minsk has four Georgian television, also Russian, BBC, C, C CNN. Other words there is an opportunity to hear all sides. And I’ll say, that one and the same video picture kamentuetstsa all differently. Actual information war, when all the world society are trying to show that this action because it is profitable. And people meanwhile bombard! And it’s almost not reflected in publicly available information sources — that bambyatstsa town and kill people. Very many die. "
Reporter: "The Russian side says that the victims in the midst of Georgians actually no …"
"Hard to many victims in the midst of the civilian population, many homes destroyed. Grunt I on the disk imaging, which collects, I’m not a particular observer. Yesterday spoke with religious brother of Abkhazia, it also states that a very difficult situation. And they have information that will Russian troops bombard Tbilisi. Unfortunately, this particular information in their … This is a disaster, more human catastrophe. always in war both sides are wrong. Especially when there is such. Overall all very sad, and I do not know how suspend the war. What I personally can do for this — I do not know. ‘Cause thanks for calling. According to the latest as it will be at least some contribution to the consciousness of the people to thinking about something. "
Ethnic Georgians journalist Vladimir Hachyrashvili believes that all the failures in the Caucasus have gone from "leader

All failures in the Caucasus have gone from "Great Leader" also Georgian Stalin …

peoples ", as the Georgian Stalin, who joined forced voedinyzhdy entire nations, and others, on the contrary, to spread over the whole area," Russian empire. "It is inhuman violated historical terrain, despite the broken lives of hundreds of thousands of people. At the moment, Hachyrashvili, accounts rake costs of the policy:
"My family is all blended. Brothers cousins married with asetynkami, and my sister, my cousin married asetynam. Because everything that happens in the area of Tskhinvali and Blaze, for me personally. I do not have any information from there, do not know anything about their fate. Naturally that we are all worried. And if you talk about the situation, my position is that Saakashvili should not have to be put there with the gun, it was all the same it is necessary to accurately resolve the issue peacefully by. Our homeland responded suitably. At the countryside were peacekeepers. Suppose Russian themselves, but they were recognized international society, there were observers from the OSCE. But what lasts there at the moment, I mean, if it is confirmed fact that our homelandnot really bombarded Blaze, this severe violation of all international conventions. But it is generally believed that this arbitrariness and the one and the other side. "
People’s Artist of Belarus, Russian nationality Vladimir Gastsyuhin long been known for your own pro. Born in Sverdlovsk, Gastsyuhin does not hide his own views on the decisive role of Russia in the world:
"For me it’s totally understandable. I very closely followed what was happening, there was a possibility. So here remember, was that of the movie" Ordinary Fascism "Misha Romm? That is the usual modern fascism in execution. I understand Georgia’s efforts to preserve the integrity of its territory. integrity But this she decided to achieve price destruction of indigenous peoples living in these areas. Lesser peoples even more so, defenseless. In other words — without asetynav Georgia and Abkhazia. That’s the kind of modern management thought Georgia. I have very many friends in Georgia, I love this country. And I am deeply shocked — what Saakashvili has transformed this amazing country! I think that no asetyny nor Abkhazians never run now will not be associated with Georgia. This adventure just killed term rapprochement of the peoples of Georgia. "
Sovereign Gastsyuhin also outraged by him, "Cynicism" Western managers who "turn a blind eye to genocide" small peoples of Georgia, while continuing to support President Misha Saakashvili.

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