German Social Democrats release Kozulin

German MPs once considered "very principled case back with Belarus"
This is stated in Statement by the Deputy Coordinator of international Social-Democratic Party in the German Parliament Markus Meckel.
According to well-known politician, a successful release of former presidential candidate in nearly all contributed to support a political prisoner by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and other members of the EU.
"This is a step forward, shows Meckel. Arrest Kozulin two years reverse substantiated by which means forcibly Lukashenko seeks to compel silence criticism of his own regime. "

"Reports of training scheduled for September parliamentary elections in Belarus in this, but, much to trouble, said later in a statement. Wrong, opaque procedures complicate the work of local and international election observers. Belarus is much needed free, fair and transparent elections."
By Markus Meckel, the main features of such an election "is a free role in all of them wanting to candidates and parties, as their access to media disk imaging. "
"European Alliance will closely monitor the elections in Belarus," said the statement of the German Social Democrats.

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