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Medyyalnaya hypocrisy
Everywhere in the world smells like politics even parfumeryi. Unfortunately. And what can we talk about the world such acts as the Olympic Games.
When the world wandered torch lit in Greece to light the Olympic fire at the Beijing National Stadium on August 8, it was accompanied by a pack of police. Demonstrators tried to interfere with the Olympic flame relay in Paris and London, protesting against the violation of human rights by China in Tibet. Before the Olympic Games in Beijing and Tibet problem has become the focus of world attention. I am for the fact that it was so. People to know about Tibet and the Chinese policy in this region under heaven. Reach Games in Beijing, and people will forget about Tibet. Like many other things that happen in mizhchase. But now people remember and know. And it’s great. The political weight of a prepyadstviya measured the amount of time commentators devote this dilemma on CNN and several television stations. Unfortunately.
Politics inevitably associated with medyyalnay hypocrisy. That was President Sarkozy hinted that France might think about boycotting the Chinese Olympics. And Angela Merkel said that Beijing will not go. And again as British Prime Minister and president of the South American uttered that go. Journalists and pass comment.
If this massive world really wanted to assist Tibet, they would be directly determined to entrust the company games from China, will respect human rights in Tibet. And so, as statedcamping, stallions too late to change in midstream.
Gesture Kazakevicha
In 1980 wasand sad Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. In protest against the Russian intervention in Afghanistan more than 60 states refused to send athletes to Moscow’s own (incidentally the U.S., Canada, Japan, West Germany). Several others (France, England) decision to go or not to go left athletes.
I remember the Olympics — as well as the whole of Poland, which was Russian satellite and sent their own athletes on competition — thanks to one sudden episode in men’s pole vault. By the end of the contest remained Pole Vladislav Kazakevitch and Russian Konstantin Volkov. Pole height 5.68 m took the first time, Russian — the third. If Pole ready to jump at a height of 5.74 m, the public began to whistle loudly scary. Kazakevitch for the first time did not take elevation. But for the second time he succeeded. Then he turned to the audience and showed her a vulgar gesture that is now everywhere in the world known as "gesture Kazakevicha" — bent right arm at the elbow and put back into the fold the left wrist. Say, beheld "kuz’kinu mom"? Wolves have not mastered height 5.74. A Kazakevitch under unceasing whistle Russian public for the second time jumped 5.78 m, vstanavlyayuchy then world record. Tried to take a 5.82 m, but failed. Public always not stop whistling.
That read, Kazakevitch Polish government became a hero, though not for the Polish government. Russian salting in Poland claimed, that in Kazakevicha took the gold medal for insulting public. Official Warsaw justified that, say, the sports effort in Kazakevicha convulsing muscle. Incident with Kazakevich who just znervavavsya from whistle and tried to defuse their emotions the gesture acquired Poles fundamental political significance in the era of Russian totalitarianism. Because it was the first such case, that someone from the "brotherly camp" at an international forum dared to express so clearly his attitude to the Russian comrades.
Kazakevitch himself later, when it was possible to read freely admitted that do not reflect any political demonstration in Moscow — he just could not stand the nerves, and he did not pavstrymavsya from hooligan antics.
Oh, and for the Polish national hero Kazakevitch not pulled. In 1985 he went to West Germany, where he requested political cover. After obtaining German citizenship played a couple of times in the competition under the German flag, but without international success.
A year earlier, Kazakevitch "sold" own gesture mammon. Its could behold in the Polish television advertising of pharmaceuticals from joint pain. The plot of this advertising — Kazakevitch tries to make known its own gesture, but can not because he irritate joints. But drinking lechuschee means — feels anew young and indicates "kuz’kinu mom" with that same energy as almost 30 years ago in Moscow.
Question a day or

You can implement a gesture of solidarity with Tibet? I now think about all the terrible stories of where the Olympic fire and Buddhist monks could be used for advertising creams and shampoos from Paris and London. Tags: law, human Kazakevitch Olympiad

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