Glusk: activist refused to give saliva in the military

Enlistment activist explained to that with such a request addressed to them from the local police department.
Activist refused to make employees vaenkamantu requirement, calling it illegal:
"I did not produce the desired resolution of the investigator, who leads criminal case, that I suspect. In addition, enlistment not have the right to conduct investigative actions, it should be done by the police. The fact that the fingerprints taken in the investigation of the events of the explosion on July 4, I did not say, but given realize that I should know about it and, without explanation, "said" Freedom "Igor Kirin.
In military enlistment Igor Kirin was summoned to what was indicated that he took with a military ID and autobiography.
According to Igor, the district prosecutor, after which he went to the recruiting office reception, taken aback forth the facts and stated that such can not be.
The police activist said they were ordered from Mogilev to take fingerprints:
"I uttered that abandon the procedure — it is my right. But I, said the policeman on duty, may cause in Mogilev, and there did it anyway "Said Igor Kirin. Tags: military enlistment, explosion, Kirin

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