Gomel oblast prosecutor’s office warned journalist Tipo zabugornom for cooperation with the media

Sal’nikova: "I was summoned to the prosecutor’s office, where the head of the department of general supervision Eliseev tried me byread on, I work on zabugornye radio. If such an informal conversation we did not leave, he just showed signed an official warning, "- said Julia Sal’nikova BelaPAN correspondent.
The warning says that the KGB conducted an audit of the Gomel region — and decided that Ms. Sal’nikova working without accreditation of representatives of foreign media journalist for 2-zabugornyh stations — "German Wave" and radio "Radio Station".
Attorney Elisha gave even listen to some recorded on tape transfer "German Wave".
Prosecutor’s Office warned Julia Sal’nikova that is unacceptable to violate the law, and warned about the responsibility for filing false information sent to zabugornye media. Alexander Eliseev at all it referred to Article 369 of the Criminal Code. Says Ms. Sal’nikova:
Sal’nikova "Elisha showed me an article with a mark 1 369 of the Penal Code, which stipulates criminal liability for disk imaging transfer of foreign funds mass disk imaging, that there discredit style image Republic of Belarus in the international arena. It is punishable by law. "
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