Gomel protege opposition to avoid a fight, but not fine

Sovereign Gusakov spent the bus lady. Two guys zapanibratski species began pestering Dmitry: say you’re here you walk through our area.
Dmitry owed locked hands to avoid getting hit in the face or head.
Here to stop police car arrived.
"Police these people, who attacked me, not detained, arrested and taken me only in medvytsvyareznik. With all this on the eyes from the police attackers threatened me, insulted ", — told the emperor Gusakov.
He was accused that he is intoxicated, claimed to blow into a tube and closed at night in vytsvyarezniku. And in the morning fined — 87.5 thousand rubles.
Dmitri did not deny that consumed beer, but worthy vytsvyareznika does not consider himself. Because he asked the prosecutor of the Central district with a request to investigate.
Ganders reads: direct evidence that the incident was deliberately provoked, he has not, but does not rule out such a scenario.
"I do not exclude that this is due to my candidature a candidate. To shake, so I made some conclusions and did not climb into politics. I was reminded of the election, but were that bad Tipo I conduct myself that I should try and put things in correctional work or Khoiniki Bragin. "Tags: elections, attack geese vytsvyareznik fine

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