Gomel: slam the door or protest?

It is 0, 006 per cent of the total number of members of precinct election commissions. Even in the regional center with 83 declared candidates in the commission of the primary level has not got a single representative of the democratic forces.
Regional councils formed SLM outlook authorities simply not interested in representatives of the opposition, that have experience in the areas of technology and know all the intricacies of the organization of elections and counting.
That such criteria is to make the democratic candidates for the parliamentary mandate?
Reads a contender for the deputy mandate in the Gomel-Soviet electoral surrounded number 34, managing the regional organization of the United Civil Party Vasily Polyakov:

Power had a chance to go on a democratic and transparent elections

"Power had a chance to go on a democratic and transparent elections. But reality shows that this chance is not used. She is not ready and is not going to hold democratic elections in accordance with international standards. Because participate in the campaign, where the game is in some gate no sense. "
Nominee to Parliament from the UDF in the Gomel and Industry constituency number 35, a member of the PKB Sergey Sergienko believes that this situation need to wait for registration candidates for deputies, order to participate in the campaign:
"We need to wait for registration. And if we are registered, then in their own election campaign materials focus on the fact that these elections authority conducts opaque and undemocratic."
Basically Gomel members already led UDF conditions as their own candidates in the elections. This is — an indispensable inclusion of all nominees in election commissions and of mandatory registration of all candidates for the UDF.
This position supports quite a contender for the deputy’s mandate in the electoral environment Rechitsa number 44, managing regional organization BPF Valery Putitsky:
"My world is: do those commitments taken by the Board of SLM in Gomel. In other words, wait for registration — and withdraw from the election of candidates. "

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