Gomel UCP activists complain to the prosecutor KGB officers

The occasion was the recognition nedavneshnee Vladislav Mikhailov who publicly said how it recruited by the KGB. UCP activists believe wrongful acts of employees of the KGB in the Gomel region of relatively Mikhailov.
How to write activists because of "systematic pressure and coercion to give false information against the opposition-minded people" sovereign Mikhailov Last year had leave Belarus. At the moment he is living and studying abroad.
The statement says that the KGB officers also oppressed by activist Yevgeny Kozlov earlier — by Andrew Tolchin to persuade them to cooperate with the KGB.
Several years ago Gomel eventually similar actions KGB officers died young city dweller Andrei Zaitsev. To this he pointed to his own suicide note.
"Purchased a similar method validation and invalid certificate — write to the prosecutor UCP members — already currently used print and municipal electrical means mass disk imaging to accommodate them infidels and untested materials of opposition-minded people of the Gomel region. We can not exclude that, based on evidence acquired by this method tomorrow against us can be fabricated more severe charges. "
UCP require Gomel oblast prosecutor to inspect and give a legal assessment of the actions of unknown people in civilian clothes who represented KGB Gomel region.

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