Gomel: water meters put force

It looks like this: special brigade "Gomelvodokanal" comes out and starts to crawl povalnyy homes.
Ms. Nina knows Rokossovskogo Street:
"Beat against the windows and did, abused them. Not warned when myself will go. Who home, who at work — who is where. You tell people upfront. Generally people now are not good. And not only" Water " .
A young woman from adjacent said personal home as a water meter put in their family:
"They came, rang the doorbell, uttered:" We — with "Water". Order came all put counters. If you do not agree, will block the water. "I said," If necessary, place, but I — not the hostess. Parents not at home. "They:" You know, it must, it — the order. " In short, stopped, and put all dismantled. "
Maid explained to the ancestors during the next 3 days should come to "Gomelvodokanal" over the counter and pay the amount all at once or in installments over three months. How much herself, she does not know.
Valentine also draws attention forced to act plumbers:
"Urged to: Insert — all here. To counter certainly was going to pay for another more. And with counter Tipo will not cost more. "
According citizen, "Water" is convinced that without a lot of water meters private traders use for watering gardens, and getting paid for it is not much:
"In the summer we pay five thousand eight hundred rubles, living alone, having no home or bath — nothing. Dishes washed — and all. They believe that summer in personal homes we all gardens watered."
This reads and responsible engineer to operate measuring devices enterprise "Gomelvodokanal" Ivan Hamitsevich:
"The country is officially set time watering gardens — from May 15 to July 31. Those who do not have water meters, billed according to the norm — 5 l. Per square meter per day. In August we have the right to charge a fee for watering. The heat was — they pour. unprofitable They put counters. Same until May 15. Gomel — South Zone. The beds here are planted in April and watered — and no one pays.
"Water" has the right to, written notice to the party, to seek the installation of water meters. If the owner refuses, "Water" has the right to shut off the water. "
Engineer with all this refers to the rules for the use of water pipelines, zatsverdzhanymi order of the Minister of Housing. Order is registered in the State Register of Legal Acts of Belarus. Besides Tipo have disposal of the head of the country — to the end 2008 equip all personal home water metering devices.
Gomel lawyer Leonid Sudalenka believes that "Water" is no legitimate reason to make urban residents put counters:
"Right now, utilities have no legitimate reason to force it or else citizen to put a water meter. If the Ministry of Housing and Utilities is a certain order, then let them give people free water meters. "

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