Grodno Lenin is not like the other

As you know, deer St. Guberta on the shield is the emblem of Grodno. Plein air time was held in the town center — in a historical building. Participated in it by three painters from Grodno, Minsk and from Poland, two — of Druskininkai and Lviv, also a painter from Russia. At the opening made by Polish diplomats — Consul General of Poland in Grodno Adam Bernatowicz and his deputy for culture. Marek Malyuhnik
The Consulate General is one of the organizers of the plein air.Correspondent "The exhibition was opened Ira Silvanovich
— Director city exhibition hall. "Silvanovich
"Grodno — the intersection of roads." So, I think it is our great plein air. And it is really so: our city joined the painters of the states that surround our Belarus is Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Our homeland. Belarus is represented by artists from Grodno and Minsk. Now Guberta day saint, so congratulations! "Correspondent
"There are two magnificent paintings by Sergey Maliszewski from Minsk. 1st — is the" House N33 ". House late 18th century, it is clear that he tsarist times. For this house you liked, then you drew it perfectly."Maliszewski
"Yes, liked. He began to paint, part painted, the most important patina on the house."Correspondent
"He did not paint if not the end of the 18th century, all the jokes."Maliszewski

Grodno City Executive Committee on the background of Lenin authorship Sergei MaliszewskiCorrespondent
"On the contrary, another hanging your picture, and when I turned around, it was taken aback — what you did with the Grodno Lenin? Depiction of space, power house, it faces a Lenin understood, ladies before it is unclear what".Maliszewski
"This is, first, a small drama. I second time is already here and in Grodno somehow dies remnants of communism: street names remained, and here came a little cartoon Ulyanov, but not evil, for sure."Correspondent

Yang says VolekVolek
"I worked in the town, doing landscapes. This is not bad for us inspiratsyya. Understand: nature here such as in Poland. But we love the special architecture, as it differs from that in Poland."Correspondent
"What you have drawn?"Volek
"There has three landscapes — one untainted landscape — water over the Niemen."Correspondent
"Come on … look."Volek

"And here is the urban landscape — Jesuit church. And the third picture, the street that goes to church. What was curious to me: the sun is going down, only the highest of the buildings so warm pinkish. But here indicate just unreal, I made during this open-air about 15 works. " Tags: Grodno

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