Grodno region and can say I wish independence

Man: "Not worth it. We have to deal with themselves, and then climb into Abkhazia. Abkhazia and Ossetia — a moot point, you may have second Kosovo."
Woman: "I think not, because Belarus, so to speak, the very unstable country. I think initially let others speak out and later already Belarus still begin to join."
Sovereign Incline age: "Naturally, they are fighting for is 10s years. Why Georgians had to push the Georgians? But there Ossetia currently more Russians purebred Russian. So it was needed someone to protect them."
Spades: "If only we were are independent. Our homeland, of course, dictates its terms and conditions dictated by us. That being said, the war between Russia and the United States."
Guy: "Do not hurry. If we take the history, they belong to the country of Georgia. So Grodno region, for example, belonged to the Poles, they can say — "we want independence." Basically, you can take it as a matter of Abkhazia and Ossetia. "
Old lady: "Naturally, certainly. And of course, some cases will be between Belarus and Abkhazia and Ossetia. Every government has the right to be free, like every nation — freedom of choice."
Man: "The question is whether we can keep people who are not willing to live in another state? They can kill or evict and keep unrealistic. De facto, they are independent. What’s the difference? There are two methods: either through civilized divorce scandal. That everything. "
Spades: "I do not know much about politics, but I believe that independence — it is the business of the people. They decided — means it is their right."
Guy: "Yes, you must. West recognized Kosovo’s independence is a need to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. During 1-x, we do not lose ties with Russia. Vo-2, the Russian people live there, and we with them brothers" .
Man: "I am not against this independence, but when we are one, one family, it is still safer, I think. Debauchery asetynav Abkhazians and gave them into the hand gun. Killed civilians — which is good?"

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