Grodno to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Man: "Abkhazia? So, let, that they were not cut or crushed, they should be free."
Spades: "Certainly we must admit. Why? So as requested by the people. As a citizen of the planet, not only empathize with the Georgian, Abkhaz, though what other people. They asked, we supported them. They want other inquiries. All are free in this world . "
Woman: "Let them live separately. Why, that oppress them? Who is this necessary? Did peaceful people need it?"
Man: "I think you need to recognize. Separate matter what the government is obliged to have their own sovereignty, I think so."
Youth: "In principle — yes. Just stay away, for sure, is also impossible. Another question: each in Belarus in their own thinks about what is independent Abkhazia or not. Personally I all against it."
Man: "No, I will not explain, just — no."
His companion, boy: "Absolutely. Why? Since we need to support Russia, as it is against America. Than terrible Yankee, the better for me. As further step might be the inclusion of these republics in the Russian Federation. For me, it certainly is normal as I’m half Russian, I have a Russian grandmother and all his relatives in Russia. "
Youth: "I think if people want their independence, if they have the resources and capabilities, I believe that it must be recognized."
Young lady: "I believe that yes, it is worth. Why? On this question I will not answer."
Her companion: "I think there is the impact of America, therefore it is better to let it be Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia than with America."
Girlfriend: "No, it’s full independence."
Companion: "So full independence and will."
Man: "I think — no. If nobody recognized, it is not necessary to boil."
Man: "Most likely, it should be recognized. Since the government of Abkhazia has long been Tipo separately, without the help of others from Georgia. Whereas in Europe, divided the country, stood apart Macedonia and others, why there can be no such option? Only needs it without war conduct. "
Man: "Naturally, if Kosovo is recognized, why not here admit though that is a little" in defiance. "Yet, if they wish, why not give independence?"
Reporter: "Additional question: is it worth while Belarus spoil things with Georgia?"
Man: "Do not want to spoil. And if we have in stores Georgian wine? Would need to build things, you see, may be cheaper for the Moldovan …"
Youth: "I feel that it is necessary to make Belarus. Just wish the people who live there. Simply they want independence, because I understand that they have to get it. I think we should support them, this is my world."

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