Grodno: transport fuel thinking about new sources of income (photo)

Despite the weather is cold, turn vehicles at the border crossing "Bruzgi — Forge Bialystok" not decreases. They say people that have to wait four or five hours to move abroad, and the Polish side — even more.
Now everyone in the queue intensive discussions are news from the Customs Committee.
Man: "powerlessness."
Man: "What else read — enemies of the people are in the queue, that’s all."
Man: "So that we really had such huge amounts of money from it as well — nonsense. This decision of some very huge brain. We are against this."
Lady: "I am outraged, as I believe that this restriction of the freedom of man."
About how many people live in Grodno with border business, official statistics do not report. It is clear only that the day border crossing exclusively Bruzgi move about 5 thousand cars. In the queue I did not met any 1 person, which would have said that he went to Poland to visit. To all, for most of the limit — the only place to work.
Man: "This is my main job. Well every day ride unreal. And I have two daughters, two grandchildren and need to help them. "
Young Man: "I inhabitant border town — Grodno, and this is my main source of income. To find currently work in the town, so to support her family, unreal. On Me it is very impact. "
But most people really realize that from March 1 will have to find another place to earn. Ask the interviewees: the plan to do?
Man: "We will find a job.’ll Go to America or Germany, will find."
Man: "Maybe we’ll go to Russia, maybe somewhere else, you need the same work in some places. Let us not walk the streets with sticks and head to beat. "
Young Man: "We will ride like driving. Now — I tomorrow — a spouse, and the next day — brother."

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