Grodno: Tribunal fined the activist Union of Poles

According to the prosecutor Chasnoit, after a fight with the victim Jaskiewicz Sobko were bruised some places, but health disorder has not happened. Yaskevich denied himself all — he said that he had arranged a provocation against. After hearing the testimony of all witnesses, lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich said:
Kiselevich: "I like his patron, I think that the position Yaskevich the fact that he is being persecuted, was due in court, as both he and the witnesses were that for recent years it not once persecuted for political reasons — for his work in the Union of Poles, for what it really takes an active social and political position. "
The victim — a working enterprise "Grodno Nitrogen" Igor Sobko. He a couple of times noted in court that also Pole, but did not notice any of this because of persecution. But that said Head of the Union of Poles Angelica Boris, who acted as a witness in court by Mieczyslaw Yaskevich:
Boris: "For his protection, collected signatures, they were going not only in Grodno. And people came to support him. Well, how our organization works — although I do not I can tell, that we do not touch, because you can not call here this situation standard, unless against people made such aggressive provocation. "
Supporters Mieczyslaw Yaskevich after the process began to gather in front of the courthouse funds to help him pay a fine. Case Yaskevich discerned referee Jeanne top.
Pictured: Mieczyslaw Jaskiewicz about the October district court Grodno
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