Half of the young men of military age in the army do not go

Is the call of autumn of 2006 — the winter of 2007 from previous campaigns? Alignment control of the press service of the Defense Ministry Vyacheslav Ramenchyk.
Ramenchyk: "Sending in troops carried out in accordance with the plans, failures were not all the planned measures were implemented."
As for number conscripted, as "deviants" from the service, Vyacheslav Ramenchyk these data did not say, citing the fact that they will be announced later. Military reminded the last year was intended to about 9 thousand youths. "About the same level of such expected and at the moment," — said Vyacheslav Ramenchyk.
Meanwhile in the military does not hide the fact that up to half of the young men of military age are not fighters. Several thousand are not suitable for service on medical indicators or get a reprieve from school, but not the smallest part — those who simply evades service.
According to Maj. Gen. Igor Glod, last year the figure was already 6 thousand, and they add up to several thousand former dodgers time. As a result, the military said, military conscription applied for more than eight thousand excitation search cases for draft dodgers, and even 200 people prosecuted. Measures against evaders in 2007 will be more stringent, promised Maj. Gen. Igor Glod.
But why not increase the prestige of military service in the eyes of Belarusian recruits? That’s what they say on the streets of Minsk those who do not wish to go and serve.
Guy: "A there to do? Maybe I would have served, but to dig here and before lunch — no hunting. Those who served, they say to me that I did not lose anything. "
2nd guy: "At the moment such forces … It is a closed issue … I’m afraid of bullying."
Third guy: "I do not know what to say. Not felt prestige of the army, for what to go there."
But the negative attitude toward military service, not all share. Most of the interviewees over 30 years, stated: it was a school of courage is needed. Ready to go into the army, and a young man with a hockey stick, which is only 15 years old.
Young Man: "No, hazing at the moment is not in the Belarusian army. It read to me by my father. He spoke about his own service in the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline, which there was hazing 20 years ago, and that at the moment . "
According to the military prosecutor’s office, the last year for various crimes were convicted 527 soldiers, including several 10’s for hazing. At the same time, they say in the military prosecutor’s office, crime in the army decreased by 23%. But precise numbers of these crimes are not reported to the official statistics, as well as does not report the number of soldiers killed while on duty or committed suicide.

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