Haretski: Junior front — this is our fate

Gorki: "Young Front — this is not a children’s organization in her This year be 10 years, the organization has incorporated some traditions. Because with such a story, we just can not turn away from this brand, this here, and we can say that this is our fate, it is the whole ideology of the youth. "
Znatkevich "not considered the idea to go into hiding, not openly speak on behalf of the Young Front, acting behind the scenes."
Gorki: "This strategy is considered. Certainly, every member of the Young himself determines the level at which he participates in the organization and acts on behalf of MF: someone acting more cultured ways, does not participate in mass actions, and hold shares, and someone frankly go out. And such and such options as applicable. "
Znatkevich "But management organization is ready to continue the current strategy of open activity that threatens imprisonment though what the person who declares that participates in Yuen front?"
Gorki: "We insist that these amendments to the Criminal Code unconstitutional. Junior front is a democratic movement, which has always acted only democratic, open ways, and we are not going to come in a blind underground. We — the youth of Belarus who wants to live in own country by European laws. We’re not going to hide and will continue to operate openly, the only way Makarov, I believe we are able to achieve victory in our land. "
Znatkevich: "Young Front" has a clear national and Christian ideology. What would you answer those critics who they say that Belarus — and zdenatsyyanalizavanaya and partly atheist? "
Gorki: "Certainly, Lukashenka’s very factor has an impact on today’s Belarus and indeed presently taught in schools expressions Lukashenko cooperation with Dr. yablam» or devil …. But I believe that in Belarus is very great future and the Christian mission in the country, which, during the whole of their own history was tied to Christianity. Only Belarus has a future. "
Znatkevich: "As people who perceive injustice persecution of youth activists can support those who fell under repression?"
Gorki: "As it was during the trial of Dashkevich if eyewitness half thousand people have signed up, and it was a real show of solidarity, and at this moment, when our friends Fedoruk and Korban was arrested for a day or three, at the address MF came very many words of encouragement. "
Znatkevich: "you have said about the trial of Dashkevich and the solidarity expressed by many people. But despite this Dashkevycha condemned, while more aggressive than other favorites MF, he is not just limited freedom, like the others, he is now a prisoner. Either no can be said here that solidarity does not assist Dashkevich? "
Gorki: "Campaign Dashkevich — it’s a great company, and we can not say at this stage that MF lost. I feel very sad that my friend, with whom I did a couple of years of living together, is currently in jail. But while he sits — I make it a thing, my friends make it work, and I believe that recently Dashkevich get freedom. Currently, we are discussing the pro-European rhetoric Lukashenko, and I think that if he declares a democratization of Belarus, if initially it will show action — let Dashkevycha releases, and Sevyarinets Finkievich and later Europe will speak with him about policy configurations against Lukashenko. "
Znatkevich: "Boris, against you, too, started a criminal case, you left and currently studying on programmke Kalinowski. There are plenty of critics in this program, they say that many got there the case, or did it so leave Belarus. What would you say for it? "
Gorki: "For me personally, this was an opportunity to programm to continue their education as me during the presidential election was expelled from school. For me it was a chance to extend education, and for many people. Certainly, there are sincere people and have pretended we did not can climb into the soul of everyone. But what this programm there — it’s totally positive factor. Most of those enrolled in the program there Kalinowski or were sitting or been expelled from universities. "
Znatkevich: "We have a program" What I believe "in which are expressed by different people. Boris, what do you believe?"
Gorki: "I believe in God, as a Christian, I confess that the Lord has a magnificent plan for our country. I believe that our country will finally be doing this plan to grow into a true European star."

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