Headache from the lessons?

Headache from the lessons?  Photo from sqd.ru

Many people think that the headache — an attribute of solid age. Recently, however, more and more of her children suffer, especially in adolescence. To understand why the baby a headache, is not easy. In search of the truth of the doctor refers the patient to a neurophysiological center for removal of the electroencephalogram, an ultrasound of the brain, on the x-rays of the cervical spine, a chiropractor.

One of the reasons — a violation of labor, birth trauma, lack of oxygen to the fetus. This shift could occur, and sometimes a fracture of the neck vertebrae. The displaced vertebra slightly pinched by passing near the blood vessel. Because blood flow is disturbed at one site of the brain is depleted oxygenation of the brain tissue.

This signal — headache, often in a clearly limited field in the temples, forehead, top of the head. Sometimes displaced vertebra pinches the nerve plexus, in connection with which there is a skin numbness and pain in the head. Against the background of the same lack of oxygen in the fetus, usually develop all kinds of disruption (or form) of the structures of the brain and throughout the central nervous system. In this case, the child will also suffer frequent headaches.

Another reason — dystonia. This condition may be associated with a period of rapid growth of the child, when the internal organs and blood vessels are stunted from the bone of the skeleton, in connection with which there are spasms or excessive muscle relaxation of the vascular wall.

Headache pain— A response to the unsatisfactory supply of the brain such vessels. Dystonia is often associated with congestion of the brain due to improper treatment of the day pupils, because of enhanced training in school, lack of sleep — that is, as a consequence of the "brain fatigue".

The third reason — the effects of trauma and injuries of the brain and skull, when, because of an injury disrupted the outflow of fluid from the cavity of the ventricles of the brain, there is increased intracranial pressure, impaired inflow-outflow of blood. Consequence — headaches.

The fourth reason— Very severe headaches can be a sign of the growing brain tumor. They may even cause loss of consciousness, double vision, vomiting. This is due to compression of the tumor vessels and ventricular cavities of the brain. Sometimes — luckily, still more — these symptoms indicate a shift of the cervical vertebrae and thoracic spine.

Children often have a headache if they few are in the open air or nedosypaet. So that your child does not suffer from headaches, adjust the mode of the day.

  • The child should be engaged in and sleep in a well-ventilated room. Make sure that he slept on the possibility of 9-10 hours.
  • Do not forget that the TV monitor and "shoots" high-frequency alpha and beta radiation, which primarily affectshead brain, causing a spasm of blood vessels and as a result — headaches, memory loss, fatigue, depression or excessive excitement baby. Do not let him watch TV more than an hour a day and play on the computer than half an hour.
  • Teach your child to work with the book. Head reader should not "hang" on the book, the distance to the book — at least 30 cm Lighting should go to the left. Violation of the rules of hygiene reading can lead to a "tired eyes", which often manifests itself as a headache.
  • If the child wears glasses — check whether they are picked up, it is time to weaken or strengthen the glass, buy a wider rim (for correcting the visual axis of the lens). Unsuitable points may also be one of the causes headaches in children. And most importantly, if the child has headaches and he often complains of them, should be evaluated by a neurologist and his ophthalmologist.

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