Helsinki returned cabinet that is falling apart (photo)

After last year defenders of this study initially were evicted, and after the statements of the U.S. government and the European Union in its allowed return, promised to make repairs in the room. Now that promise void. "We have no opportunities", — explained in the administration building.
At the request of "Freedom" Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Tatyana Protko had a brief excursion trip to the office of the BHC. In fact, the office is broken partition small room with no furniture, shabby papers on the floor, the walls in the water streaks, with cracks in the windows, through which the wind blows, with drooping wire electronic wiring, with long bleached ceiling.
Protko: "That’s where we lived for almost 10 years, and no claim for payment to us was not. Working here, perceived guests performed compaction conference. For this time 1 had no second repair. After the rains the water flowed along the walls, in the winter without the heater was very cold, so plastered glass did not help. Now we uttered that repairs will have to conduct ourselves. ‘ll Find workers and facilities, because our bills to This time closed. "

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