Here’s what else you can do in Minsk NIGHT MODE …

On Komsomol lake I get somewhere in the eight in the morning — for many visitors, the account goes on thousand people. Trading takes place in an ordinary gym at bazaars, as the ware market first 1990s. Each such collapse tolchetsya a dozen people. I go to meet people with bags full of books.
Reporter: "What brings you here?"
Lady: "As usual, like all — purchase books. In principle, there is assortment of more than fair "World of books." Well, the price here is better. "
Pensioner: "There can be cheaper to buy magazines on rukadelli. They I was very Intriguing. "
Man: "There are cheaper."
Reporter: "Much?"
Man: "Yes, from time to time is two to three times cheaper than in the store."
Another man: "We buy our books in kids gifts on February 23 and March 8. We of the parent committee, arrived earlier to buy."
Student: "It is necessary to acquire a contour map for a younger sister. Actually, I’m here quite often, because there is more variety than in the same book store."
Private entrepreneurs working directly with publishers, no trade margins do not. As a result, price books in the store can very seriously differ from the price is the same books at the fair. Says one of the market women.
Woman: "Some may even twice. Indeed shops overcharge, thus far."
The vast majority of books here from Russia. But I saw one point, where they sold Belarusian books. Owner outlet explains:
Man: "Publisher" Belarusian encyclopedia. "They work with personal businessmen. So they come here and".
At night the fair entrepreneurs come from other cities in Belarus and then get the book group — to sell at home. The morning catching up everyday buyers to purchase books at retail. By the way, at the fair not only sold books. Here you can see the glossy magazines, stationery products, CD and DVD-discs, tarot cards, calendars …
Writer and publisher Vladimir Sivchikov states that such fairs have not only in Belarus, and in Russia and other post-Soviet countries. And they do some konkurentnst bookstores. Fair at the Komsomolsk lake will exist in Belarus to addition time, until someone does not stop its activities willful decision. A prerequisite for the adoption of such solutions is, considers sovereign Sivchikov.
Sivchikov: "Let us remember how on the avenue were stalls. And I, for example, how the user was when they closed down, so buy some trifle is very comfortable. And they were killed, and means I have to go somewhere in a large the store. "

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