How earn riot policemen?

The reason for wage increases — anticipated springtime stock?
The message "Wages OMON equal ministerial" Ivan Kovalchuk argues that Sergeant receives from 1st to half a million rubles, a platoon commander (Lieutenant) — 3 million, the company commander (captain) — about 5 million, managing offices with Maori epaulets — 5-6 million, and OMON commander (Colonel) — 7.8 million rubles. One reason for the increase of salaries Ivan Kovalchuk demand calls in Riot police during the vernal opposition rallies and likely before the deteriorating economic situation in the country, when workers begin street demonstrations.
Reactions large police officials: "What do you mean, gone with the brain?"
The regimental commander Yuri riot Podobed Refutes "Belarusian partisan". Yuri Podobed agreed to answer Radio Liberty the question of their own wages.
Podobed: "Officially I get borders half million rubles.’s All. When given premium, it turns out eight million. Well, what are the secrets in general, some durystyka. Now I uttered, I laughed for a long time. When I get to seven half million, then let me every counter spits in the face. "
Head of Minsk police Lieutenant-General Anatoly Kuleshov said Freedom that policemen small wages. According to Kuleshov, when police began working district and promoted to colonel, his salary will be less than 900 thousand rubles (About 450 dollars). For example, readers receive about 700 BSU thousand rubles. Applications for large earnings Anatoly Kuleshov commented as follows:
Kuleshov: "Deception. Yes you, with mind gone? Of course not. All in accordance with the title, position, years of service. There’s a whole list of relevant points that take into account when calculating wages. Everything is depending on at what positions people work. think that receives 800-900 thousand. Not anymore. "
The leaders of the Metropolitan Police also said "Freedom" that soon they do not increase wages.
Whence then money at the casino?
Joint favorite civilian party Anatoly Lebedko, which 2004 wrote a complaint that he was beaten by riot policemen, convinced that the police told not all personal income.
Lyabedzka: "On present day its support is bitsuhi. To keep them in shape, then they need to pay. If we have a number of people who have been in power, the same Wojtowicz, they say, that part of the wages received in an envelope, then a system. If we take riot police and some of them says: "Head raskalvaetstsa — yesterday was the casino and a thousand bucks"Squandered" — this despite the detainees. If a thousand bucks so just an ordinary composition may had spent, I think, that wages for their God forbid. "

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