How much will the candidates?

And on August 19 DECs start checking documents candidates for deputy mandates.
Coordinator of the campaign "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko states that applicants from the United Democratic Forces are not going to boycott the new step of the election campaign.
"People are meant to collect signatures to pass. Oh that will continue? Decision will be taken later. Regitsya But need. This is in order so that we know who collected signatures who are not collected.
That still shoot if no registration? Then there will be no intrigue. Not people gathered signatures means and not registered. And utter CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik at a press conference: not brought signatures, then who registers them? Must obtain a certificate candidate. And after deciding what to do with it. "
CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik states that the vast majority of possible candidates delayed delivery of documents to the last day. This follows from the fact that as of mid-Friday a day or county commission visited a little more than 100 applicants for the deputy mandate. And only through the activity of groups of people to collect signatures recorded four 20 3rd And the nominees are from labor and companies, and organizations from the public and from political parties.
Sovereign Lazavik ranges that will register candidates for deputies in the first day or two:
"The district commission should check two things. 1st — as nomination procedure consistent with the law. 2nd — information which presented nominee: autobiographical and declaration of assets and income. Then connect the police and the services that keep records of property and tax services. And this process in fact not one day. "
Now the CEC nor staff nor specialists are not taken to refer to the exact number of candidates for registration. Four years back the clock on the last parliamentary elections were recorded 555 of the Group. A candidate for registration turned out — 600 ninety second number had increased to a greater extent by nominees from labor societies.
It seems that in this will be same. For example, a possible candidate for the rural constituency in Hrodna Yaroslav Romanchuk said, "Freedom", which in his entourage had just two activity groups that collected signatures. But on Saturday, when the emperor Romanchuk passed documents to the district election commission, its staff uttered: probably be another two nominees from the labor societies. Tags: elections, registration, signature

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