I gave you for the rain! Land Quotations

"At stake is now delivered the most powerful collection of the country’s history. If we get a lot of grain, means we can get more meat and milk. We will be able to implement more food rich countries that sell us oil and gas"
"Cleaning should wear a nationwide character. Well, at least every citizen must shoulder to lean in some places to the farmer here in this difficult time."
"I absolutely forbid all demonstrations, when the peasant in the field, when it works. All tolerated the winter."
"Until a couple of people not put — do not understand"
"Everyone in the field, rolling up his sleeves!"
"I will not take these funds have excellent working companies and redistribute them loafers."
"You asked for rain — I gave you for the rain!"
"I was not in vain spent two weeks in the village, again elaborate on the course. "
"We need to produce more — all buy at enormous prices."
"We need to dry grain only those devices that work with wood."
"Belarus will there own bread. "
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