I.Nikitchenko on online conference: Dirty carry food and spotless Minsk

Nikitchenko Ivan was born January 10, 1939 in the village Gorytsy Pogarsky Bryansk region (Our Fatherland). Graduated from Vitebsk Veterinary Institute (1960), Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (1979), Doctor, Corresponding Member Academy Belarus (since 1986). Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR (1982). First, the 1990s came in the opposition shadow cabinet BPF Sun 12th convocation.
The organizing committee is headed for the "Chernobyl Way — 2007".
In an interview Radio Liberty Ivan Nikitchanka said: "The idea of building nuclear power plants in Belarus, I am very negatively. Indeed 20 percent of those that are going to get through its construction, can be obtained by another method. First, through technology upgrades. In the land sector alone we can save significantly more energy than a nuclear power plant will. And this led to the modernization of our agriculture to the appropriate level and would make it competitive.
As for the relations Lukashenko to Chernobyl, he engaged in tourism. Arrive in the area, will talk, some applets to imagine — but nothing is done. "Chernobyl Way" certainly we will. "

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