I was denied a license entrepreneur — go into politics

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"Almost half an hour after, I uttered, I was outside, because they needed Emperor Naumov report that I got kicked out of the zone, "- said the last political prisoner.
"I think, as with Kozulin, we pardon. Guilty but I do not consider myself and will seek rehabilitation. Will also seek to punish those because of whom I was in jail. It is not only a policeman Dulub — he little figure in this case. The fact that I have orders to "close" I was told even first year. But I do not regret that I have been in prison, much was clear. If you previously had doubts about the power, at the moment they are not. "
On its own plans for the future Sergei Parsyukevich said "Freedom": "To arrest I was a businessman, had trade. Now I lost the license. Never mind, I’ll go into politics. And from Belarus not going to leave under any circumstances: there is my homeland. "
Sergei Parsyukevich referred to very bad conditions in Belarusian bullpen, where he had visited. But most of the last political prisoner indignant attitude of prison administration and guards prisoners. "To the best ratio of animals", — said Sergei Parsyukevich.
"I was released due to pressure from the West and the United States. Hardly internal protests pushed sovereign Lukashenko. I think it’s the pressure outside," — said the emperor Parsukevich.
"When was in the zone, dreamed of that will go out and go to rest at sea. But I do not know, you get" — said the former businessman and past political prisoner Sergei Parsyukevich.
Interview with Sergei Parsyukevich read later on the website of "Freedom" and listen to the air.

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