If Lukashenko agreed to become the governor of Russian

His thoughts on the circumstances exacerbation of Belarusian-Russian contradictions shared in a letter to "Freedom" Vasily Okunevich from Vilnius. He writes:
"Vladimir Putin shows he — visionary and capable politician who cares about what will happen to Russia after 2008, when fulfilled his term. Certainly whoever succeeded Putin — Lukashenko from their own principal plans not refuse. And the plan of so-called" allied countries "can be re-launched in order to Lukashenko became president of the country combined. All media in Belarus aggressively promoting it as a professional politician and economist and creator of" Belarus miracle "in the economy."
Next in own writing Vasily Okunevich quotes from newscasts satellite channel "Belarus-TV" on the achievements of the Belarusian economy. And makes subsequent output:
"This promotion gives results. Popularity in Russian regions and Lukashenko is currently above Putin’s popularity. Easy to imagine that Lukashenko might do if he gets access to the nuclear button. Now with him no one can be satisfied — neither the European Alliance, neither the U.S. nor even older brother, Russian President. How will he behave if he gets nuclear power RF? And Belarusians, Russians and citizens around the world could become hostage to its policies.
Insulate and protect Russia from Lukashenko — this is the main reason that caused the last economic attack on Belarus. Vladimir Putin is not willing to give up his own successor as referred to as "Federal Government" and all that is connected with this union. Naturally, to declare a complete rejection of the "union of the country," Putin can not — in other words to many different circumstances. And you have to admit that he chose the most reliable way to razvyanchats so called "miracle" Lukashenko. Just a pity it’s belated move. And it is a pity that his countrymen in Belarus will have to get used again to the economic problems. "
Alexander Lukashenko’s chances for the presidency on the future of Russian political scene decrease sovereign Okunevich. All polls show this. Belarusian propaganda machine (including even with a dedicated satellite channel for this) to the Russian public the idea can not significantly influence. In Russia — own propaganda, much more powerful and professional. If President Lukashenko during the oil and gas crisis longed to fly to Moscow and come up with its position on the main Russian TV channels — such ability he just was not given.
But no amount of propaganda is not able to change the real economic and social situation. If the so-called Belarusian "economic magic" would collapse without a cheap Russian oil and gas — it could be a decisive blow to the political ambitions of President Lukashenko.
On the same theme kutsee letter from Angelina Bujnov with Novalukomya:
"The authorities will be hard to explain why we have to pay for electricity, heat and gas. Why expensive gasoline, but right behind him and all the other products. Turns out, it is our charge that Lukashenko wants to stay in power? And if he agreed the conditions of Putin and Russian became governor, then everything remains as before, and we would have the highest standard of living? "
This, Madam Buynova, fees for Belarusians Lukashenka’s political ambitions, and the independence of its own country. Other post-Soviet countries have had to pay for it before, Belarusians will be paid at the moment. Maybe it’s good people understand the value of their own independence — because the only way to make sense of it as a value that should be cherished and pass it to their offspring.
Not too big or the price? And you ask those mothers whose sons currently serve in Borisov and Molodechno and holiday home are able to be selected. They want to place the service of Belarusian men were Mozdok Gudermes or Magadan?
And the fact that a cheap Russian oil and gas would remain so interminably long time — it’s a myth. It will take another couple of years — a cheap and they will not be in Russia itself.
Our listener Vyacheslav Suharebski village of Ruthenians Baranovichi district in its own bolshennom letter "Freedom" reflects on the past and future of the collective farm system, tries to answer the question, help out the Belarusian village agricultural towns. He writes:
"Collective held a little more when there working farmers who have been brought up work on their land, and when diesel fuel cost almost the same as tap water. But hardworking farmers are old and are gone, and the youth ran away from the collective farm work, both from evil. A meanwhile Substitute Russian came bezgaspadarchastsi market economy, in which the free diesel fuel are not willing to give. Here and dropped the kolkhoz system. And they feared directors zapevaly yes an old song about the singer happy collective life. What did do? Not be collective — for what will be needed if they are? And now for an old song invented a new word: "Revive the Belarusian village! Construct agrotowns" curious, and who is that village destroyed, unless the collective farm system?
But the main thing — that the village changed? Nothing. Comes imminent destruction eternal lifestyle farmers. In fact, this is the last attempt to save and secure so called "happy" collective farm system, from which, as from a terrible evil, deprived of all the countries where he was. "
Next in own writing Vyacheslav Suharebski writes about how he lives and hosts farm in agrotown criteria. He asks: "Who will come to live and work in these agricultural towns?" — And he answers it:
"Yes, only those people who have nowhere to go without homes, and totally unaccustomed to rigorous farm work. Work for them — if only a day to evening. Wage absolute majority of workers small agricultural towns. Why? Because inefficient creation: huge fare, prygonnikam payment specialist, and rising energy and technology. And even multibillion municipal subsidies, which are borne by the people in the village and in the town, the situation does not come to the rescue.
In a market economy the main thing — cost and quality of products. And we have such cost and quality such that the West, we can only sell casein and milk powder. Even Our homeland is going to enter sanitary supervision of our quality. Adgaroditstsa from our stocks it — that will do? "
Do creator letters Vyacheslav Suharebskaga look on how to save the village. Another quote from the letter:
"We should not build agricultural towns and peasant settlements in the three or four farms. Yes so that the whole earth was near the homestead. Those funds that are allocated in dead kolkhoz system, you must give credit to the peasants on the farm on his estate. Returns credit — all your belongings.
In peasant families, not so long ago there were three, four, or even more kids, pryvuchalisya to the farming operation. Need uniform rural settlement on nationwide, then really blossom and revive Belarusian village and become strong our Belarus. "
In today’s world, sire Suharebski more massive than those of the country dominated by the agricultural establishment. Property of the most economically successful states belong to other spheres of the economy — sverhtehnologichny production, money markets, exports of capital and services … Modern technology came there and in agriculture. As a result, peasants remained a small part of the population that is able to manage effective. Although in a number of Western states agriculture receives subsidies from the country — though in the main in order to deter excessive creation of one or another product to regulate the market.
Belarus hard to directly adopt the Western experience in agriculture. The West had no system of collective farms, while Belarus has no western level of technology and Western capitals, which can be bring to support the village. Belarusians have to find methods of salvation by their own villages. Hard to say, maybe if do that method you’re proposing, sire Suharebski.
Rosshey farms that were a mass phenomenon in the early twentieth century, Belarus, now left alone foundations. And it is hard to imagine now there can lure family out of town — even for municipal building house bill, but in the absence of the districts schools, roads, hospitals and shops. Directly claim can only be one thing: to build the rebirth of the village is possible only on private property and individual initiative. Which hosts on the ground intended state chiefs — Belarusians made sure the last 70 years.
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