If Moscow wished for, then have long Lukashenko would put in place

I’ll start writing the current conversation from Eugene bear horns from Minsk, who stared at how Russian President Vladimir Putin during the conflict react to accusations own Belarusian colleagues. A listener writes:
"I do not understand why such invertebrates proved Russian favorites. Did not wait that President Putin silently swallow all the insults and humiliation. Answers about his Belarusian problems during the last press conference were sluggish, sleek and diplomatic. This means that Lukashenko and more fails behave with Russia because they want to.
If Moscow really wished for, it has long been put in place to Lukashenko. But for some reason there are afraid to touch him. And wait for what will change is not a designated Putin Putin’s successor, and our Alexander G. ".
Our homeland has reduced funding for the Belarusian economy over 5 billion dollars — and it is much more rigid and ill blow to the ambitions of the Belarusian favorite than any harsh expressions and accusations from the Kremlin. President Putin in general rarely allows himself to annoying personal attacks aside their political opponents during public appearances. But it does not make it real answers to more resentment Myagenkaya and forgiving.
There still must be understood and that the scope of the Russian-Belarusian relations — quite specific in Russian foreign policy. Kremlin obliged to give public an idea that is not inclined to support a very drastic steps and statements against Belarus.
Our davneshny listener and creator Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi to own a brand new letter to the "freedom" talks about what the future may suffer Belarus in the new economic criteria. Sovereign Martinovic writes:
"At the moment Belarus joins step complete uncertainty. She crawls to the most unfavorable for shock in historical time. In fact, Lukashenko’s regime for 12 years in various ways supported the Russian methods in economics. Addition, Lukashenko all this time, Unlike other countries in Eastern Europe, built under his government his person. It was not the people, coupled with the construction of the nation-state elite, capable to change without significant effects on the right left. Lukashenkava government will survive for some time, they have acquired all the common traits and self-sufficient countries in Europe, made the people below.
Already in late 2007, and certainly in the period until 2011 in Belarus can and will occur such configurations that amaze even the most far-sighted national democrats. Completely may be that further chaos and discord in Belarus to achieve such an extent that it will become a protectorate of the Russian Federation and the European Union. And these two forces will be in the center of the negotiations with the Belarusian nomenklatura appoint Minsk government, shred and clarify the scope of the impact. "
Hard to imagine, sire Martinovic that the European Union will begin to learn from the example of the early twentieth century empires and create some kind of protectorate along its borders. Society of European countries created and is based entirely on other principles and builds his case with neighboring states on other grounds. All European countries have a chance to join the EU — the conditions of accession known. Nobody closed the door in front of the European Union and Belarus.
Our listener Misha medications from Latvia, Riga associates current Russian and Belarusian economic and social realities. Comparison, according to the sovereign medicines, not in favor of the Russian Federation:
"Last summer I traveled around Belarus. Was in Minsk, Polotsk, Vitebsk, Profound and Sharkovschina. Visited with relatives and friends, entered the schools and businesses. Belarus I time worked for a quarter century, and many have kindly remembered.
And later I was in Moscow and the Moscow region. Traveled with Savelovsky station in the direction of the town nuclear scientists, leaving the road and getting acquainted with the surrounding villages. So, here, the difference between the regional centers of Belarus and the Russian Federation is impressive. And this despite the fact that the Metropolitan area — not the worst in Russia. For example, the regional center of Russian Dmitry not stand no comparison with the Belarusian Sharkovshchina. I was struck by the cleanliness and daglezhanasts Belarusian cities. In them, I almost never met intoxicated (which can not be said about Russian towns).
Most of the inhabitants of Belarus lives better than most Russians. In addition, Belarus — more than a harmless country. I do not fly in the clouds: a life in Belarus difficult. But it is better than in Russia. "
Belarusian towns and villages always look more groomed in comparison with Russian: and so it was in the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire, and the Commonwealth. On other words, many historical and cultural circumstances. But as vzronyu life, then there is statistics show otherwise. The average salary in Russia has reached the 400 bucks in Belarus it is about 300 bucks. And lately This timegap likely will only grow not in favor of Belarus. In addition, in recent years a large part of the Belarusian authorities to windfall profits acquired from a cheap Russian energoelementov, sent once the beautification of cities and towns. After, such as excess profits in Minsk Moscow robbed, trends in this case obviously swap.
And now a few letters listeners leave without comment.
Posted by Sergei Ohrimuk of Kobrin. A listener writes:
"Soviet Union was captured by the colonial peoples. We now we see, as Russian Nazism suppresses all Belarusian on our land. Take at least the last incident in Kurapaty, where he again broke the bench Clinton. Reached even before the Helsinki Committee, have which want take legal adresok. Trampled Alliance Belarusian writers and made their own, which is serving power. All presidential vertical controlled only Russian language. In this case, the question arises: whether Belarus is power. "
And here is what the village of Vasily Hrynevych Vishnevets Stolbtsovsky district:
"Capital TV" Our homeland "indicates a fascinating series of programs" The investigation is conducted … "with the actor Leonid Kanevsky — what crime flourished in the Russian Union that in reality there was a criminal situation. If supporters of Stalinism and Leninism watched such programs then, perhaps, would reflect on which idols they pray. Though, in general, the Bolshevik fanatics no longer be undone. "
And another letter which he sent to us Hilarion Kramushevich of Grodno
"Could not write a lampoon on hearing our incomparable Zeno Stanislavovitch. Poor, he has more excuses to explain something this scumbag. Guess is — organize tsyavkanne per person daring flight of thoughts and ideas free, most experienced available. So what it’s still in editorial policy on this? If we analyze the expression, dominated burp scoops gaydukevitskae hypocrisy and the similar. Feels pressure "fifth column."
Zhdanko unaware that call, write, give interviews on the street can natskavanyya myavkaly secret services and the NKVD executioners descendants. So you have given to their greenish street — ether. A so called polls on the streets of Minsk — is continuous reklyamavanne local obscurantist. "
On the streets of Minsk and other Belarusian cities our correspondents ask questions passers — regardless of their political views, age, profession and position. Yet these polls are fascinating, because they give listeners an idea of the real mood of society, in all their diversity. This also applies to calls on our answering machine, and letters to the "Freedom". Believe me, Sire Kramushevich: if we specifically selected for broadcast only your party members and adherents, such ether was not fun even vam.Nya mention that it would be a violation of the 1st of the bas
ic operating principles of "Freedom" — of ‘objectivity and neperaduzyatastsi.
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