If you get into the desert Belarusian tank?

In Abu Dhabi, one day international exhibition will open guns "IDEX-2007" with the consulate over 50 large buyers and sellers of guns. Belarus, which comes in the group world leaders in this field, could not ignore such an event, according to the Ministry of Defence. But about applets Leonid Maltsev visit to the United Arab Emirates Ministry spokesman Vyacheslav Ramenchyk spoke guardedly.
Ramenchyk: "What puzzles? He visits the exhibition as a guest. This is an ordinary practice. Exhibition is held every year, usually it is visited by representatives of the military departments, including and Belarus. "
Vyacheslav Ramenchyk not say whether Belarus showcased at a separate exposition guns, and recommended contact with this issue in the Military-Industrial Committee, which protects the Belarusian military equipment. Responsible Officer Peter Rogozhevsky Committee acknowledged that the Belarusian exhibition at the show will be, but did not specify what tools offered to customers directly.
What kind of gun Belarus can attract traders from the East? Independent observer Roman Jacob says that this product specifically Belarusian companies. "The time when Belarus successfully selling tool that is left of the Russian Union. Now we can only amaze modern Russian operating time" — says Roman Jacob.
Jacob: "At first it automated command and control system, which are in great demand in the world. This association working hours" Agate. "By the way, many of these systems is used by the Chinese army. And articles of association" Peleng "- a night vision devices, other devices for precise aiming. "
Note that the second monthly visit of the Belarusian Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev in the eastern region — in January he visited Iran and even met with President this country, that the world is suspected of developing nuclear weapons. What agreed in January Minsk and Tehran, has not been reported, but observers had read about possible supply such weapons defense of Iran. By observing Roman views Yakovlevskogo similar military equipment to offer Belarus and other Eastern countries.
Jacob: "The great demand, according to some reports, Iran, Syria used radar installations, which modernizes Belarus. ‘Cause I do not exclude that the exhibition such stations have success. "
I note that the longer the first time at the shows Belarus gun shows development "T1M" prepared now "Minator service." So called "Belarusian vyvedachny tank" observers called the best criterion for the desert. But note that with a series of unknown reasons in this development to This time not hit. Maybe exhibition "IDEX-2007" will be for Belarusian vyvedachnaga tank more successful?

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