In 11 university students gleaning even gratis

This year students become 83 500 entrants. On economical daily study enrolled 23,800 students.
First deputy governor of the presidential administration, the chairman of the State Commission for Control of the preparation and conduct of entrance examinations Anatoly Rubinov gave this assessment introductory campaign:
"Compared with previous years campaign was more organized, relaxed. Vo-2, the organization of centralized testing process — a very high level. Mechanism so debugged, to automatism that here mosquito nose will not undermine. B-3, in This year’s scoring system in the expulsion assessment was completely adequate. "
I recall that on centralized testing for Russian language, arithmetic over 40% of students scored less than 20 points — in other words not have gained a minimum, which allows to apply to universities. And the Ministry of Education to urgently lower the bar — up to 13 points on the Russian and Belarusian languages, up to 8 points on arithmetic. Education Minister Alexander Radkov recognizes that there is a problem:
"Questions for the future — the lower boundary points. I, for one, believe that it be. We tried to set it firmly — there 15 points last year, 20 points This year. But it is not suitable for every subject. And we should expect this limit already after, emerges as the overall picture. For example, the limit of 10%, we need to keep. "

On pedagogical specialties we got. Why? Fewer kids because teachers and need less.

Many entrants his hopes that passing scores will be lower than last year because the tests as a whole year seemed much worse. But it did not work: BSU philosophy passing score was 344, on international affairs — 370, on application arithmetic — three hundred and fortieth
In passing score on the National Technical University Faculty of industrial and civilian construction was about 300. 342 pts needed dial to enter for the translation department of the Linguistic Institute.
But in the Pedagogical University named Tank on specialty "Physics and Mathematics" perceived with 135 points. In 11 universities were vacancies for cheap places (46 specialties). One of the reasons — the limited number of tests: only three. But to increase their numbers, so that the entrant was a greater selection of specialties, are unlikely to be, said Education Minister Alexander Radkov. Entrants must immediately elect a specialty and more than anxiously prepare. Department for paid and all in a row will not recruit, said Radzkou:
"We realize that it is necessary to adjust the reception. Seemingly wants to charge people to learn. Well refuse him? But we are responsible for the quality of education. And second — this employment. Unfortunately, at some specialty we did not even get to. Example for pedagogical specialties. Why? Babes fewer, and therefore need fewer teachers. "
Such a situation is entail a reduction plans accepted for certain specialties. Meanwhile in the future, in connection with the transition to 11-year education held two issues of high school and two issues of basic school.

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