In Brest commemorates insurgents Kalinowski

Travel to Damachava was timed to the 169th anniversary of the x a day or birthday Constantine Kalinowski, who ran the national liberation uprising in 1863, the year. Previously joined the uprising and hundreds of representatives of the local nobility and farmers from Brest and 10’s battles and skirmishes with the Russian troops took place in the lands of the region.
Only in the Brest region monument reminding of rebellion mounted on terrain sv.Antoniya church that is in Damachava. Nearby these places, the village Chersk, came the battle of the 1st of rebel forces Kalinowski against a standing army of the Russian army. The monument in the shape of a cross appeared in the 20s of last century, when most of the Brest region belonged to Poland. In Russian Times local residents were able to save a cross from defeat.
The church sv.Antoniya Greek Catholic priest a.Andrey now held a service for Belarusian people, and participants of the excursion had the opportunity to For information about the history of the uprising. At the memorial cross youth set the lamps and laid a white-red-white flowers.

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