In Germany — the baby boom after the World Cup

As shown, the connection is flat. The last football World Cup was very garish world event, it caused a strong surge of interest in Germany. In including in this area. German doctor are presently cared for pregnant women say that their pregnant patients in memory of this event, especially in the general euphoria that atmosphere made them such a souvenir.
Future boys, most of these ladies is planning to call Lucas — in honor of Lukas Podolski, recognized the best young player of the championship — 2006, as Bastian (in honor of the German Shvayntaygera) and Michael (in honor of the British Owen).
So makarom number of pregnant women in Germany has grown sharply, maternity hospitals complain about the lack of places to put extra bed wards, pregnant withdrawn and other hospital departments. On courses for young mothers also was not available.
For Germany, it is a pleasant and long-awaited trend — in this country already from 1972 fertility below mortality. Germany holds the first place in the number of childless women — 30 percent. In the midst of the German guys childless 40 percent. Many believe that the blame specifically men who are not willing to take responsibility for the kids.
In such a situation German Minister for Family Affairs Ursula von der Leen even offered to approve a law that would give the peasants from 2 to 12 months of additional leave to care for children, and the government would compensate them 67 percent of the previous salary. In addition families with toddlers are invited to return the 3,000 euros in compensation of their tax year.
To maintain the present population of Germany is necessary that every 10 ladies of childbearing age had 21 kid, but now have only 13.
But the problem of population aging and excess of deaths over births — not only German, she cares and other European countries, including Belarus. But Belarus is not yet expected to hold the World Cup, or even hockey, that would cause the "baby boom", similar to German.

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