In Kolomna tested «Chrysanthemum-S»

In Kolomna tested
At the suburban landfill passed tests anti-missile system «Chrysanthemum-S», reports the press service Rosteh.
«Chrysanthemum-C» — the most modern Russian anti-missile system and the most powerful of all existing in the world.
His tests are held in Kolomna near Moscow on the basis of the landfill Engineering Design Bureau. Industry representatives «shoot» systems for all types of purposes: tanks, helicopters, forts and concreted enemy troops.
Made based on the chassis of the newest Russian infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3 mobile launcher «Chrysanthemums» can move with similar ease on the road at a speed of 70 km per hour, also boost rivers and other water obstacles.
Developer «Chrysanthemum-C» — JSC «SPC» Engineering Design Bureau. » JSC «SPC» KBM «comes the holding Rosteh» Precision complexes «and is a great engineering and scientific-production center, conducting work on the design, construction, testing and working out in general, all-encompassing arms and military equipment in different directions.

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