In Minsk discussed new literary process

What’s going on in modern Belarusian literature, which names and projects deserve special attention and which quickly reminds "naked rulers"? Works worth the reader to discover new horizons and creator — a new way? And in general, not a myth modern Belarusian literature?
Now the German Information Center in Minsk works literary cafe. Literature lovers come here — to invite a lot more people, representatives of both unions writers — unfortunately, not all come from the official union no one came.
Ask the curator Ira Herasymovych — That they wish to assure this project?
Gerasimov"Project — a platform in order to present the Belarusian-and German-language literature in bilingual format for both sides, Belarusian and German. We organize ABC, seminars on traditional literature, as discussions like the one we now have here and there."
Lectures were Dmitry Vishnev. By him, Lecture — it is a typical layout of the new Belarusian literary landscape. What and who would you want to hear in the debate over this lecture, Dimitri?
Vishnev"I said at first that I would be personal, as every critic in his own assessment of the literary process, which is observed in Belarus. Clear that every critic we have noted some names and other notices. ‘Cause it’s all controversial, with one side
Than this provocative lecture, it’s the fact that I expressed my skepticism about the outlook duplicate publications, while not only municipalities, and non-governmental, read about their shortcomings and failures. Therefore I really curious as to how to react to it by representatives of other publications. Then there are the Wick Trenas of municipal magazine "Youth", and Anatoly Ivashchenko of the magazine "The verb" have a variety of creative people, and I think they gave me utter anything bad … "Tags: literary process, cherries, Trenas, Gerasimov, new

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