In Minsk, prices were higher

Guest shops, Fri public supply, communication outlets, hairdressing salons, tanning salons last week waiting for the contrary finding. On the disposal of municipal authorities raised to 10% local tax on services and sales that immediately reflected in their prices. Clarifies aspects lawyer Oleg Kravchuk.
Kravchuk: "budget for 2007 allowed by local administrations, the executive committee to increase the local sales tax to 10%. Whereas previously it was 5%, the reality — 10%. But for some services provided multiplying factor, in other words, additional taxes. But in general sales tax — 10% of virtually everything it touches, including services. In short, as for a particular user, then all as for town of Minsk, all gone up. "
Most of the new realities of business entities or ignored or missed due to its nyavvazhlivastsi. Even guests decent elite salon lighting in the center of Minsk "Massive" tags on the packaging discrepancy amount embossed in check, found at home. Senior trader shop Olga Bogdanova clarifies that the document that informs about increase of the sales tax, they got only 8 February. Meanwhile, position itself came into force a week back.
Bogdanov: "For example, if the light fixture is worth 700-800 thousand rubles, tax of 10% price adjusts to the upside at 80 thousand. To our knowledge this is substantiated yesterday (February 8 — RS), accounting must urgently fix prices. And in general, Tipo 1 February all got busy. At least, on the imported product tax rose from 5% to 15% — they say, to protect the Russian manufacturer. "
But if the package were still lights old price, cash in all worked under the new rules. Nyapilnyya buyers spaznivshysya for a day, eventually overpaid a lot of money. But Ms. Bogdanova not agree that the price revision is a "backdating."
Bogdanov: "Not that retroactively. It is no longer our problem, that we have lost in tax. In other words, we just spend more money on taxes, not getting them, incur loss, not once, not from 1 February pererablotali prices, but only for the moment. And we do this not completely pleased. And we have more work and, of course, the increase in prices has no effect on the increase in sales volume. It does not bring happiness to anyone, unfortunately. We have to just do what necessarily for everyone. But make up for it, we will not be able to. How? "
In general, I witnessed how one customer an hour after buying 3 opamyatovalsya lights and made a claim. Administration store asked him for forgiveness and pay the balance between the price that was on the old price tag, and the amount that he paid to the new tax. Whereupon store was closed, and the whole team started to rewrite the numbers on the price tags. But how much is left "nyapilnyh"?
Favorite organization in defense business "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka predicts even more significant increases in prices for products and services that specifically affect, first, ordinary consumers.
Shumchanka: "The law contains several tax that must be paid. And, of course, will raise prices. Anyway: who will pay the costs? Consumer We expect that in the end the most important victims will we, the consumers. Beginning and ending of benzakalenak laces and socks. Prices will definitely change, and not pleasant for you and me aside. "

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