In Minsk services rose cafes, bars and restaurants

Many have seen a rise in price minchane disgruntled these:
Alexei: "We — the students and feel it for yourself every day. "
Victor: "At the moment, without any consequences for the stomach to eat somewhere for 5 thousand rubles or more. I now took a cutlet, boiled cauliflower, salad and a drink. I gave 4600 rubles. I think it’s quite a lot. "
Young couple Galina and Alexander now visited the restaurant "Lido" and also saw price configuration:
Alexander: "The quality has remained the same, while the value increased. Due to what — is unclear."
Galina — admin cafe "Mistral":
Galina: "Naturally, prices are rising. Service tax was 5 percent and 10 percent became. Naturally, the prices have increased. Pricing includes that? All taxes. Because if taxes are rising, then grow and prices."
Price changes have occurred in the cafe "El tomato", which is located near the railway station. Ms. Love works here as Deputy Director:
Love: "We quickly listed, counted and are working on. Given that increased tax listed menu. Accordingly, the prices have gone up."
Reporter: "Do you have many guests?"
Love: "Yes. Others working people. Workers offices, bank employees, court employees come to us. Other words we have cheap dinner."
Reporter: "How much can you dine?"
Love: "Up 7-8 thousand rubles. "
Ms. Oksana — bartender cafe "Akmigran" that Kirov Street. Ask whether there has been a rise in price place here:
Oksana: "Completely all juices, sandwiches, drinks, wines — all gone up."
Reporter: "And by how much?"
Oksana: "It depends. 200 rubles, 300, 500, 600 rubles. For example, we have a sandwich costs 1,500 rubles. Ham. A previously worth 1100. Immediately increased by 400 rubles."
Reporter: "By Your views, this significant increase? "
Oksana: "lost people. Fewer people come. Because all gone up."

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