In Minsk, the opposition was not allowed to share in the Valentine’s day

According to her, the cause of failure was the fact that the applicants did not specify the action in the application’s own work places. "This moment was a formal prerequisite complete failure in carrying out the action. We were not even sent to Bangalore Square" — said A.Palazhanka. She also revealed that the applicants’ action was summoned to talk to the police. Invitation was manufactured on the phone, but they refused to go there without a subpoena.
With all this youth activists argue that the action will take place "in Anyway. "According to the 1st of the favorites of the unregistered organization"Young Front"Dmitriy Fedoruk, no arrests prevent hold a rally." Action under the slogan "Belarus — to Europe!" At this point coincides with the rhetoric of the Belarusian head of the country to normalize relations with the EU. And if action is dispersed, this rhetoric can simply put an end ", — says Dmitry Fedoruk.

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