In Pruzany is a street named after Lev Sapieha

Is independent newspaper "Courier from Vitebsk" in most fresh room publishes analytical material on the Russian-Georgian conflict. Article referred to as "curb fire" report editor Vladimir Bazan:
"It’s about the fact that our homeland invaded Georgia and that she is to blame for the conflict. Creator remembers Transnistria, gives other examples. Mentioned also that Vakhtang Kikabidze refused the Russian Order of Friendship. "
Theme issue of the weekly "Bobruisk courier" — Winning rowers brothers Bogdanovich at the Beijing Olympics. They are inhabitants of the city of Bobruisk and graduates of the school of Olympic reserve.
"Not all that alcohol in a bottle" — in an article under this title "Bobruisk courier" report details the disaster that befell the people of no fixed abode. 5 people were poisoned and died after drank a pint of water, found in the city dump.
Another article "Bobruisk carrier" — a journalistic investigation on the state of public toilets, reports journalist Victor Kachan:

"City, so called public toilets are in the offensive condition. One of them — on Victory Square. Put toilets. But, for example, about the pizzeria, where there is such a toilet, there hangs a lock. Café has toilets, and the most" advanced " Bobruisk run in these cafes. But there may not start up if the admin will see. "
Weekly "Our word" other day of the new school year provides details of school reform. Namely, according to how many hours a week, students will learn Belarusian, Russian, British, and other languages.
"Our words" in most fresh room also reports that in the street name will Pruzany Lew Sapieha and that recovery begins Sapieha Palace in Ruzhany. Publishing editor-independent reports Stanislav Sudnik:
"There they are awaiting the arrival of Prokopovich. I think that the right decisions will be made. Across the pitch disk imaging, which comes out, this complex will be rebuilt absolutely. "

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