In the center of attention — the chest!

Take the breast exam, get the results — and all this in just one hour. Today it is possible, in a Moscow clinic, equipped with the most modern mammography equipment.

Mammography— A non-invasive X-ray (without compromising the integrity of the skin) the method of monitoring by the chest that allows to detect changes in the breast and to define their character. Is the most reliable way to diagnose palpable forms (not detectable to the touch) pathologies.

In a unique branch of Mammalogy ON CLINIC is possible during a single visit to mammologist conduct all necessary investigations:

  • do ultrasound and breast MRI;
  • biopsy, cytology and histology;
  • pass tests for tumor markers and hormones;
  • to radiometry, pneumocystography, Ductography;
  • perform mammography with tomosynthesis.


What are the advantages of tomosynthesis

Tomosynthesis — A kind of mammography — layering provides a three-dimensional image of the breast at any given depth. The mammary gland is located in the device, slightly compressed and the X-ray tube, moving in an arc around the breast, making a series of shots.

Modern digital diagnostic mammography SELENIA Dimensions (of HOLOGIC Inc., USA), which uses the method of tomosynthesis is certified and has also been implemented in the U.S. in November 2010, and today it has been successfully used in the ON CLINIC.


Pros mammography SELENIA Dimensions

  • implementation of high-precision images (up to 60 slices), which ruled layering of fabrics, each picture is taken in two projections — straight and diagonal;
  • the minimum dose of X-rays — the image is ready after 10-30 seconds after the start of the exposure;
  • holding diagnosing mammary any size, including breast implants increased;
  • performance mammograms man, if it has, for example, gynecomastia;
  • mammography results are ready in 10-30 minutes after the study.


Painless biopsy

The horizontal stereotactic system Lorad Multicare Platinum (of HOLOGIC Inc., USA) to perform Biopsy Breast cancer can carry out the procedure in a comfortable environment: the patient lies on his stomach on a table that has a hole on the chest.

Mammary glands are located in the holes of the table, and the patient does not feel nearly the discomfort and pain — tiny incisions through which to conduct fence material, easy to heal in a couple of days.


That allows you to diagnose mammography

Mammography — this is the most reliable way to detect palpable forms malignancies, calcifications, various Cystsfibroadenoma and intraductal disease.


Who recommended mammography

Doctors recommend that all women take it from 35-40-year-olds at least 1 time in 2 years, after 45 years — at least 1 time per year.

In the presence of chronic gynecological diseases, nodulation or seals in the breast, by changing the color, appearance, breast or nipple, nipple discharge when not associated with pregnancy or nursing a baby, a mammogram should be a woman of any age.

The ideal diagnostic accuracy is now availablefor all patients ON CLINIC!


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