In the exhibition began Postavy South American diplomat

Several 10-s photos included in the exhibition "Polesskie zakoski" John Kundstatar made in the Gomel region 2007. By him, He loves to travel to Belarus and are very warm to this country and its people. Recalling his journey to Vitebsk, Minsk, Gomel, the last South American diplomat stressed that the locals always benevolence and with great enthusiasm to his hobbies include photography, which is now, after his retirement, became no longer a hobby, and perhaps the main business of life.
The first visitors of the photo exhibition "Polesskie zakoski" were local residents and members of the volunteer camp, organized by the Chairman public associations Belarusian volunteer Monuments Protection Society Anton ASTAPOVICH. By the way, the emperor and was a pioneer Anton order to exhibition of photographic works by John Kundstatara exhibited in deliver.



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