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Victor Zhibul: "In poetry scares me Etalon, NOT removal"

Not so long ago in Minsk in the program of the International Literature Festival "word order" was the first Belarusian poetry slam. This phenomenon for the Belarusian literary process new. We will try to realize it with the help of a young poet Victor Zhibulya, who became the first winner of the Belarusian slam. Meet him Aksak Valentine.
Valentine Aksak: "Victor, you are favorite, need to know exactly what the slam? Tell the please all ignorant about this celebration."

Victor ZhibulVictor Zhibul: "Homeland slam — United States of America. During the 80 years of the last century, he appeared there. B-90s and first of this century, he began to take place adjacent to the world countries. In Russia and Ukraine slam currently held frequently. I as the favorite, won the prize for the movie and book slam Ukrainian journalist and writer Anatoly Ulyanov — about the theory and practice of slam.
Belarus has so far not been slam. Slam, relatively speaking — is artistically recitation creators for 3 minutes. Evaluation exposes the jury of the public which are heard before the cards with numbers from 1 to 5. Accordingly, the 5-point system and each poet exhibited assessment. First — for the content of poems, the second — for artistry. So Makar, slam — a typical synthesis of literature, theater, and perhaps in some degree, even sports, because there is a competition of poets. "
Aksak: "Demonstrate standards taught at the slam works with which you won."
Zhibul: "Many people liked my poem" Ultimatum, "which I wrote on behalf of the boy malehankih:
"In the corner of the pot I sit.
I caught a, but someone — do not tell.
My mouth is full of cotton wool fekalyadnayu.
Who is not hidden — I’m not povinet.
Not so long ago ran on foot under the table,
and now declare an ultimatum.
Everything for you declare an ultimatum … "
Aksak: "Victor, the word" first "in relation you can use in different situations literary history. You — not only a favorite of the first Belarusian poetry slam. 10 years ago, you wrote the first palindromic poem" Horn Mountains, "not to mention numerous poems, palindromes that affect virtuosic technique drawing lines and words that are equally read ahead and reversed back to front. Either you continue this poetic juggling? "
Zhibul: "From time to time go on, and I have not left the dream to publish a separate book, composed entirely of palindromav. Such in Belarusian literature was not there, and the book I just typed palindromav."
Aksak: "You first have turned to that subject, as the impact on psyhaterapii Belarusian writers. Either serious about this article posted in the latest issue of the magazine" Texts. "And how do you, the mental state recognized poets for you — this is the norm in the sense that What this rule treats society and medicine? Or all the same poetic thinking — a deviation from the accepted standards adopted? "
Zhibul: "Personally, I’m more scare word" standard "than the word" deviation. "If there are differences in humans, then let them be. And what they are more diverse, the more fascinating. Occasionally, poets, artists or performers deliberately put on a mask jesters or any shalyanitsav there. Here quite recall performance festival "New Releases".
Aksak: "The organizers of which, apparently, the title also want to consciously make an allusion to the title of the famous town near Minsk, where he works psychological clinic?"
Zhibul: "Indeed, the participants of this festival from time to time make such that those creators who consider themselves normal, similar to do for themselves will not allow. But it is very difficult to draw a distinction between norm and deviation from it. As they say, we have already passed. Punitive Psychiatry is already done when the creators get into the right places, where they tried to make out, so to say, the usual. "
Creators and works
Neil Gilevich: "Basically, I one — controlled true"

"Cover of Night" — the so-called brand new book national poet of Belarus Gilevich Nile, which was published on the days of the publishing house "knigosbor" in "Chest Vilenschina." It — a continuation of the disturbing conversation that leads the writer to his readers more than a dozen years. Is it in the lines appeared more dramatic in relation to certain manifestations of Belarusian reality. With a poet in his Minsk apartment Michas met Scoble.

Michas ScobleMichas Scoble: "Neil Simonovic, your new collection begins bright, optimistic poem" Three young. "It is not always the case between generations are light — and in the literature and in public life, and of the family too. And what sense is today’s youth do you have?"
Neil Gilevich: "Always ancestors and teachers rely on the children, on the students. Believe that this is the only sensible and wise position. If not believe in the young, do not try to cooperate with them, what did all end? Coincidence I discovered this poem book. Were I (and time) are certain cases where at Easter, Christmas, or on what other prazdnichek came to me young, usually three. I asked: "Who are you?" Responses were approximately as follows: "First-year students", "high-school students "" We have a lot of respect, you have come to congratulate congratulations, flowers here for you. "And every time I have been very pleased. At the time, even wrote a poem -" Cry of the Belarusian youth ", where I stressed talking about my faith in young . "
Scoble: "You made a plan-edition pamphlet own Collected Works in 23 volumes. Already been published two volumes — the first and fifth. When to expect next?"

Neil GilevichGilevich: "I do not know when the subsequent will, wish to hope that soon, but after that will be the last in this respect — the 23rd. Memuarnaya This is my book" Between despair and hope, "which was printed in 6 rooms magazine" verb ".
Scoble: "These are your works vspaminnaga genre very well have been perceived by readers. We have mentioned about them, and the" round table "in our" House of Writers. "Last Saturday we had read with Danuta Bichel about her book of memoirs," Go to my voice. " In her confession, she ruled for writing the truth and love: the pen was taken only when these two reasons for the same. And what guided you in a similar genre? "
Gilevich: "I have one principle — controlled true. Subtitled this third volume of the last 20 -" Outline of the traversed path in the light of a Dream. "This is a chronicle of my first, the struggle for native language, for native word. Because, of course, it gives me great honor and love call of those who have in this fight, in my painful experiences supported. Well, who — no, that I either did not touch at all, or — gave tribute, respectively. "
Scoble: "In bibliyatechtsy magazine" Our Faith "was published your book, composed of diary entries. Either preparing new publications in this genre?"
Gilevich: "I have often thought that probably made a mistake, hastened to publish these records. Usually, diary entries prints not the creator, but the one who manages hi
s legacy. Frankly: While I have no intention to continue this edition, although mentioned book and worth: "Book first." Apparently, not all records established to go, and that’s understandable. Usually, diaries published after … Although our beloved poet Maxim Tank their "Leaves calendar" published during his lifetime, and how I remember they were perceived quiet, no one was confused. "
Scoble: "But in" Leaves calendar "was made a huge number of bills, cuts, instead of the names were initials. Tank not all records printed and choose."
Gilevich: "Well, then, I’ll choose to publish. This is not a continuous diary, far not continuous, there records go through each 5".
Scoble: "You live on a bookstore in which there is a secondhand department. Occasionally there can see the creators of books autographed by living friends or acquaintances. How do you perceive it — as an obvious betrayal reader creator? Either nothing terrible here is not, and must travel from the book the reader to the reader? "
Gilevich: "It all depends on the person to whom this book was signed. I, for one, would not want to, that book I signed a friend, he passed in my life in a secondhand bookshop. Though at some point all the books fall on the shelves of book stores … And there cancel logic: indeed, the book should hands go. To humor to tell one story. Not so long ago, I bought his book, signed by one writer, but he was not povinet. I asked give him the book, and it was not passed, and passed in the antiquarian. ‘Cause I took his pleasure with the book and think it’s still give it to the address. "
Scoble: "With" Tale of Bald Mountain "everyone knows that you loved to rest on the lake Narač. Remember the lines:" So there is Narač bathes us as a mom-naked children. Well, the company that — he Tank, Linkov and Kuleshov! "Where are you this summer you are saved from the city bustle and heat?"
Gilevich: "Only at his dacha. 20 years ago, my wife Nina, endless memory of her soul, litsezrev that I did not take care of the retirement period of their lives, bought malehankih cottages four hundredths. Lined hut there, then allowed 5 by 5 meters, not more. Nina was on the construction site architect and superintendent, and even a civil engineer, looked through all there, all done. And I last fifteen years when I disappear from the town to rest, eat only there. There’s a quiet, comfortable to me there works fine. "
Scoble: "And where, in what areas, if not secret, is your cottage?"
Gilevich: "In a very bright myastsintsy on the road to Smolevichy."
Neil Gilevich. Of new poems
Three young

Clear, unblemished Easter morning,
In my shelter, my tower of books,
Welcome to the good word of the native
Three young.
Three, winged light faith
In the days of Christ.
Troy, not oppressed chimera
Diabolical heresy.
What led them?
Since the threshold
3-one said:
"Know we honor people
Splyundryts not give! .. "
Baptism of the heart and soul nyavglednym
I bless them for it —
Bigeye, proud, unliable
Three young.
I will …
I’ll be all of us, dear, dear,
Ambition, power, energy full,
Before the death for freedom and a share beat
And enemies will only laugh with us.
I will pavyrasshy, children dear,
Ambition, power, energy full,
Also at stake and will fight,
And the enemies of them will only laugh.
I will breed offspring pochetaemye,
Ambition, power, energy full,
For the will and share homeland beat
And the enemies of them will only laugh.
So we will fight with and coercion,
Not yet feel themselves Belarusians
I flag byassmertnym as heart of Christ,
Will not be allowed in front of the mother tongue.
Lay, brothers people
You hand to his chest,
Put! —
And for myself, on the contrary night
In the soul, as God’s eyes,
I tell-answer
A single question
Seen the road for you in the Rye,
Which — the salvation
Or not visible?
How not to be seen — Good God
Call for you an example of the uprising —
Valid, worthy,
as shame and wickedness
To defend their homeland,
Edge own home.
If footnotes fed adultery
And last squander shame
villains footnote —
Kalinowski shall be unto you
Ches and pride prototype!
The story about the pipe
I’ll start prosaic.
How, in general, and finish,
to tell the truth.
After all, this is actually the prose
can not
beautiful metaphors become.
Not the matter.
Not for poetry.
Here it should be easier to say.
So here goes: I was invited to —
in the autumn it was —
a meeting at the Lyceum.
Ordinary thing: writer
must come
with the word love for people.
I I’m going.
Sensitive prykastsyumivsya even.
I made little books in his briefcase.
Said: "In the 10 come up to you on the car."
Well! We machine Latvia.
I sit and wait.
Almost 10 —
Phone call: Hello!
I beg your pardon,
meeting, unfortunately, did not happen:
flooded us!
Pipe burst —
and the entire lower floor
flooded water.
So you forgive,
I felt very uncomfortable, believe me,
and very sorry …
In a week
I was invited
meet with people in the RDK.
"Well, well" — said.
"We’ll come pick you up.
Expect a call! "
Expected. Waited.
I suddenly heard in the tube
no joy, and sorrow-sorrow:
— Sorry, the meeting will not be.
Tragedy at us here:
pipe burst.
All-flooded flooded!
This happened here
unintentional failure.
So you forgive,
I felt very uncomfortable, believe me,
and very sorry …
A month later — at the time when I was about
go to the meeting in the Institute —
phone call:
— Excuse me, I am very uncomfortable and unpleasant, but still …
— So what? — I interrupted.
— Pipe burst —
I flooded the entire floor?
— Oh! — Cried tube.
— However, burst!
How did you know?
— Mrs Pretty as not to know
about me at home when
already know it
entirely in Europe,
and perhaps of the whole earth!
Yes, yes, already know
in Belarus
years, maybe even 10 reverse
pipe broke —
and to cope with this
terrible tragedy
we do not have some.
So drives and drives,
and rushing, and bears, and fugu
and fills all navstsyazh —
such floods,
from time to time to breathe unreal …
O Lord, you are our God!
PS My dear readers,
has co-religionists,
I love you very, very much I ask:
Do not call me
to the meeting for yourself, friends,
not irritate the soul.
Read — until savages
not allowed into the fire —
books and books has.
After meeting and continue.
There we go!
Time will come.
Not coming.
Anna KISLITSYNA. Poetic Art History

Sergei Hareuski. Spoken: essays and lectures. Moscow: Publishing Euro Humanities Institute, 2008. Circulation 1000, 150 p.

— For those of you that like eseizm?
Asked me a few years back the recognizable literary. And, frankly, stumped … It seemed to me suspicious abnormal post-Soviet literary scholarship to the genre of the essay, though maybe she was under the soil … Free expression of views, direct the flow of reasoning, the ultimate expression of creative features — maybe they really carried the danger of totalitarian thinking canonical? But now I remember davneshnee question colleagues and I think that he was afraid, of course, the other …
For example, the fact that in the literature since the advent of indiscriminate eseizmu lost the plot and characters … Strangers devour self-citations copyrights thoughts … Of texts evaporate dynamism and structure … And only one will
be endlessly duplicated adventure story of the culture itself, and not human destiny. Lost what, really, do not have enough current literature in order to she has not only a special, elite reader, and ordinary, mass …
And yet I love the essay as a typical type of artistic thinking. There is quite a fact that just pull slow conversation, measured, lyrical tone, similar attention to each designated object. For example — the history of art. Talking about it, in my opinion, must comply with the excursion, reluctantly walk through the halls of the museum in the company of a guide-erudite …
So clever companion through the pages of the past in favor Sergey Hareuski own recent book "spoken". Name Sergei Hareuski perfectly familiar to readers and listeners. He — recognizable promoter state historical and cultural heritage, one of the most constant servants "Nasha Niva", teacher and painter. And specifically the last definition and attracts me. It keeps samakashtovnasts books that should not be taken only as a collection of opinion programs and lectures. Especially since they are built on a very personal thesis: "Art should first be curious, but not friendly."
Pondering figure Antoine wool Hareuski comes to broad generalizations evolutionary movement visual culture. "After King Louis 14 remained Croatian tie a reasonable explanation which is no longer found.
And the art in the upcoming went diametrically different from the search for wool direction. It sought to uniqueness, wanting to dissect the story, color, shape. Art became a means of understanding the psyche, history, etc. aftalmalegii Ambiguity and nyavytlumachanasts steel vices. Dyviziyanistav of art in general ceases to be the secret, each creator is able to tell what is and what he did … Colors squeezed from nature, as the juice of pamarancha, and it was not enough. In the end, "flowers and fruits" were handfuls of multivitamins.
Goodbye Gauguin threw "Khaki — color musty European civilization …"
But this is our color. Exactly … "
The text of the essay "The subculture of violence: that our numbers?" the word "our" allocated bolshennymi signs. It — the usual benchmark reasoning Harevskogo thinker. Definition of public koleramyslennya as the definition of public style architecture — is not so much art criticism as a philosophical problem. The problem, which previously seemed to me completely unresolved. But the magic of "spoken" just that Hareuski researcher collects particles practically everything that has been said on the subject to him. Collects and develops — with rare reverence for our time before predecessors. And he does it in a scientific way carefully, in the writer’s poetic, but, first, with taste and experience of the artist.
As rightly observes himself, "the artist reveals the distance between art and existence" … Add — from time to time reveals so that between them there is a fully autonomous parallel place, with its own laws and values. Thus, even for people who think that they way affiliated with the national culture, there are so many unfamiliar scenes and figures, paintings and landscapes, large and small plans that do not have a well, and ask yourself how you could not previously create a whole continent, which existed here, there, in front of your nose …
Vladislav Straminski Yang Bulgakov, Anna Romer, Stanislav Zhukovsky, Henry Guy, Marian Lelevich Yang Frankevich … Thanks Hareuski revived not only the details of their lives, but, more importantly, their thoughts, ideas, eyes — that of what constitutes the public image of the world … And here the role of an art has no price, particularly as the role of personality, ability to analyze and draw up a holistic concept, with folded it with love not only to the mind, and to the word. In particular hunt noted essay "Fiction. Litaratskaya activities painters and architects of the twentieth century", where Hareuski memuarnuyu analyzes, scientific and literary heritage. Reading this essay raduessya raschudesnye taste Harevskogo-writer who is already apparent in the selection of quotations … For the first time catch myself thinking that tsytatsyya — also a talent, and talent rare … As the ability to stylization.
"And what Belarusian does not like to swim slowly, or else his soul seeking contemplative supynitstsa, zasamotsitstsa, say from time to time:" One will also … "- Or else his soul does not love this? How does not like to swim, if that something is heard trymtsliva-dreamy?
And floats, floats whole region, weakness and uncertainty znyaverany and awkward for myself, somehow floats as who has fitted in solid taciturn pack where everyone — myself …
Where you swim, Belarus, to which ocean-sea, to which the Danube? All floats past you: unmourned joy and sorrow, countless treasure smyatstse all behind and remains behind. Tormoznut stranger, struck unhurried your aimless plystsem: what would it mean rushanne that suggests a desperate sorrow? Belarus, where you have your jet? Give me an answer. No answer. "

Such wrenching confession Belarusian artist completed last page book "spoken". Of these lines starts nagging newcomer Page Belarusian art history.

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