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VLADIMIR Romanchuk "former LITERATURE — The Game of Life, the current — GAME TEXT"
This week in Minsk hosts 14th International Book Fair in which about 600 are participating publishers from 16 countries in the world. As at such a prestigious forum feels Belarusian book? Questions Misha Scoble responsible poet, chairman of the Belarusian PEN Center Nyaklyayeu.
Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Vladimir Ministry today named disk imaging exhibition record — on the representation, the number of participants. How do you as a writer, assess the state of the Russian publishing house books?"
Nyaklyayeu: "I am now in the morning went to this show and say that it impressed me. However, I did not find there any books Bykov nor Baradulin nor Buraukin nor Zakonnikova nor Orlova nor own. For — what is inconceivable that can not be … But if you ignore, the exhibition itself is impressive. I always remember the time when the book was impossible to get it when it was necessary for the books to go somewhere. Due to the limits of their haul. How I povyryvayu suitcases, carrying books from Hungary, from the Czech Republic from Germany … And now you come to the exhibition or in the bookstore — and dazzled. So Tipo klyandayk, but all of our current publishing aimed at obmezhek, not even obmezhek and abroad belarushchyny. And this, of course, disappointing. "
Scoble: "bibliophile collect books because they themselves love them, bibliyamany — because they love others. I know writers who could would call bibliyafobami. And you yourself belong to what level? "
Nyaklyayeu: "Hard to say. In my life I lost three libraries. On journeys that are approximately the same as the fire. And never this particularly regretted. More from youth I remember the phrase Viktor Shklovsky that libraries need to change often, not less often than women. But, to be honest, when I got into the real library, I took the spirit. It’s a completely different feeling. Unique libraries were Boris Sachenko, Maxim Luzhanin. " Scoble: "I beheld luzhaninski ekslibrys. And if you have your own book character?"
Nyaklyayeu: "Yes. But gathered ekslibrys stick to what I have called a library, I finally dared not do. After all, it was not a true library, as well as a more or less systematic collection of books. "
Scoble: "Many writers skamplektavavshy your library, to a greater extent and its cost. And you either spend time in stores, or purchase new books?"
Nyaklyayeu "happens and I get. ‘That’s not so long ago went to the bookstore and bought the encyclopedia" Lofty Duchy of Lithuania. "For some reason today I was more curious here are the books to read. But time everything I loved, and that forms the me attitude toward life and literature, and I had acquired in its own library. When I studied at the Moscow Literary Institute, is fond of Updike Steynbekam, Faulkner, Hemingway, Salinger. Their first product came out in the journal "Foreign Literature" in the beautiful translations. And oh so again these writers shaped my literary consciousness. Now, surprisingly, I had a completely different enthusiasm. I suddenly realized that he did not read carefully those with whom he lived nearby. Who was slightly older than me, who are young. And the first poets who were relegated to the world the best. Well, say, Peter Macaulay, Stepan Gavruseva, Anatolia Grechanikova, Vladislav Nyadvedkaga, Evdokia Elk Yanishchits Zhenyu, Nicholas Fedyukovich whom brilliant Russian poet Jaroslav Smelyakov considered almost as his successor. And so achingly me at the moment to read them … And so sad that their creativity is now tainted (say, "nobody wants shovels poetry") … There’s such shchymlivasts such depth that the current "infallible" creator never dreamed. "
Scoble: "Now about the Belarusian books only occasionally can be heard from the municipal media. And which of them could, with more appropriate criteria to become a blockbuster?"
Nyaklyayeu: "First of bestseller needed for the general reader, and later already created and the book. And we do not have a mass audience, then how can we have a blockbuster? Well, we can call some book blockbuster, as is done in" our Cornfield. "I read quite closely what is now written in our prose and poetry. Not so long ago read Olgerda Baharevicha just fine amazed. Later Victor Kazko read, and — all fell into place. I read with pleasure with Yuri Patsyupu Andrei Hodanovich, and after — Mikhas Streltsov, and also all falls into place. What’s the matter? Anyway literature — the game. But in naming me it was the former creators of the game in life, even an imitation. Now go to the game in text. I do not know what is best. Apparently, then, and then it should be. But since I was brought up in the literature as a game in life, me old writers more to their liking. "
Scoble: "At one point in the estate Bareykavshchyna I managed to see the desk Vladislav Syrokomlya, similar to the scaffold from afar. Apartment in Minsk I beheld desk Mikhas Streltsov — an extraordinary, out of a snow-white marble. Fundamentally And you — where and what write? "
Nyaklyayeu: "I never had any special section. Half, even more than half, I wrote in the kitchen, on the windowsill. But there are tables, the owner of which I envy. Straltsovski I remember the table, it was terribly hard, and Streltsov left it on the first apartment when I left, taking only library.
Scoble: "All the same, from which he was prepared?"
Nyaklyayeu: "It looks like marble. But not of marble, out of a semi-precious stone. Incidentally, Streltsov was also a good library, which I got chatyrohtomavy dictionary Dahl. Meanwhile, February 14 Streltsov Misha would have turned 70 years old, and for 20 years it is not with us. … but oh so Alexei Dudarev — a magnificent table, he said, almost Radziwill. Who knows, maybe Radziwill. Indeed, apparently feeling quite another when you sit down for luxury table, luxury pull out drawer, took out a luxurious coated paper, write on it a luxury pen … Maybe. But I have a habit of ordinary pencils to ordinary rainfall to flakes of paper. "
Nyaklyayeu. Of new poems
3rd day
In Minsk sereet thaw, in February, when the evening now and take the frost could …
My companion left without cigarettes — and sad nods: "Look you, thaw that …"
Besides cigarettes, we have enough Rest of bread and onions, and a bottle stands on the table …
Mom died the day before yesterday … Companion "How many times going to … Enough … Enough … —
Comrade looks like in the field, in crimson and white icons … —
Would not have never Such as when it frosts. "
Gennady Buraukin
Zabyarezila Vorkuta and south more … A hollow sound, sound air in the sky flashed hrumsnula Echo: "You do not come back."
From obscurity is never reversed. Zaimgleny in the prospect clouded full glass, drunk smoking fancy man.
All random case: And fancy man, and a glass of … Not a word about the fate or of frenzy, nor of the destruction I can not realize.
Adinotny over the tundra bird … Which leads me? Chosen path or footpath leads lateral? Or about what does not happen, Dreams in overnight trains? ..
Huge Settlement *** Brody. Ancient does not let in the house: "Who are you?" "I’m the one who dies from the heat — Give me some water …"
"On the vinegar. And sponges not blood!" "And I ask who the water? .." "In death". "Channel i from a wound in the heart — Give blood …"
Ani *** church crosses in Ani huts divine — So live together: God forgotten by the village, the village forgotten by God.
Natalia Adamovich "antinuclear book Ancestors came just not the case with the news about the nuclear power plant in Belarus"
Minsk publishing "Ark" released the latest book by Ales Adamovich. It includes letters writer 1986-1990-ies, articles and speeches so far, sketches notebooks novel "Last Pastoral" and previously unknown screenplay. He put the book title — "… The name of the star of Chernobyl." Compiled from books, Ales Adamovich daughter Natalia, discusses our correspondent Valentina Aksak.
Valentine Aksak "Ms. Natalia, please tell me, how did the idea of publishing books antinuclear, Ales Adamovich antycharnobylskay journalism?"
Natalia Adamovich: "The plan came in the spring of 2005. Then came the idea that here is a year dvatstsatsigodde Chernobyl disaster. Wanted in a book to collect all articles, note book. And think of it, that you want to print the script, which no one knows, as film on it did not take place, it lies and nobody read — "… The name of the star Chernobyl." And "Recent pastoral" to include, because it was printed only in 1989. And I beheld here and there on the web, people ask where it can be read. Therefore amounted to just such a book. "
Aksak "Ms. Natalia, judging from what was a book — it’s a thick volume — is seen as intellectual, creative and just human labor put your father in it’s own, you can say the actual feat fight against the threat of nuclear catastrophe. Clearly all what is included in the book, you zveryli originals works. Tell me how intervened cut, destroyed sharp, uncompromising representation Ales Adamovich in a while? "
Adamovich: "The book is seen because chronologically are articles that three years is simply not published. 1986 th, 1987 th, 1988 th years — there is nothing on the Chernobyl theme, and only since 1989 burst. Went movement , all union and our Belarusian newspapers began mouthpiece this topic. And three years there was silence. And these three he wasand his letters to various people, starting with Gorbachev, various bureaucrats of agricultural industry, etc. . "
Aksak: "In those three years, which you says Adamovich met with the highest bureaucrats who tried to convince the threat that brought Belarus Chernobyl, and in making the necessary urgent measures. But not only did not take measures to eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy, and pretend that nothing happened, everything is fine … "
Adamovich: "He believed that this people are not certain the perpetrators, and the system, the system that runs from the Stalinist era. Wonder he is one of the articles gives three symbolic names: Kurapaty Khatyn and Chernobyl. All are tied by a common thread, and this system specifically and exploded while it showed that it is able to do for a person. "
Aksak "Ales Adamovich, along with his supporters reached the that was halted construction of nuclear power stations near Minsk, but segodnyaschy authorities perceive the decision to build a new Belarusian nuclear station. Moreover, those people who raise voice against this suffering. From 1 second row and that phenomenon that book Ales Adamovich currently Belarusian municipal publishers do not give out, and discontinued the publication of the Code of his works, it seems publishers only one volume limited … "
Adamovich: "So, in 1994, came out in" Fiction "is one and all. While I still refer to the publisher, minsitru Podgainyi wrote. I replied that no money, so it has not yet been issued, that were called different names , so hey … And later pronounced that many years have passed, then, they say, will be a big gap between the first and the following volumes. Though aimed at a specific theme each year plans put, I beheld myself, but nothing moved .. . Naturally, Adamovich not innovate would be glad to build a nuclear power plant, where a good … "
Aksak: "It seems that those ominous warnings that are written by Ales Adamovich 20 years ago, just in this book, published at the moment, and had a fit again, unfortunately, for the Belarusian people. And please tell me if the book falls in the store, whether it comes to readers? "
Adamovich: "I’m naturally curious, what will be the reaction to the book at the moment. Publishers We are going to extend it to all libraries and negotiate bookstore. In Russia will also take back up for sale. Naturally, we will endeavor to make it reached to the people. most first instance I gave Vasily Nesterenko Borisovich, our well-known scientist antycharnobyltsu … Realize book to dvatstsatsigoddya disaster, as I wanted, did not work. It happened for various reasons. Later always something it again delayed : Academician Velikhov is something I will give a hint, and I’m starting to add, the lack of funds delayed, later letter Bykov found almost before delivery to the printer — the whole story … Something always book detained. Surely, had heard the words of our Governors on nuclear power plant construction. How they sounded — and the book came out immediately … Coincidentally, but maybe this is not the case. "
Please 1990s Ales Astashonok equaled one of the most professional and promising young writers. The first of his books wrote laudatory introduction Ales Adamovich, his plays were at theaters, in his scenarios starring films, in his translation is frantsuckaya and British classics … But in 1995, the publishing house crumbles set newest book writer, and he is abroad, in Kiev, where the home will not return … After 12 years, the book "The yellowish color of pure white snow" still appeared in "Fiction" — in the same publishing house, where she was previously considered unworthy of publication. Olesya prose Ostashenko criticizes critic Alla Semenova.
Picture of men. On his head-scarf bandana on his hands he holds a huge Krasovo dog. Man in the photo, of course, poses. Maybe even with a measured challenge: take — do not take, I se.
Playwright, novelist, translator Alexander Astashonok. A picture — with the first issue of the magazine "The Source", that of youth illustrated edition reincarnated summer of 1994 into something qualitatively new: cultural studies magazine, which had the purpose of "the way in the context of European literature, immediately with the introduction of its achievements in the context of their own state."
Ales Astashonok — one of the board members (they are immediately and employees), there were monasteries Nyaklyayeu chief editor and his deputy Ales Ryazanov. In the editorial board — Vladimir Orlov, Pavel Morozov, Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk Yuri Zaloska …
Ales Astashonok at the time — created the prose book "Colors of the soul", 2-Pieces, 2-scenarios (one of which won a prize at the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR XIII All-Union Festival of TV films, and the second — the first place in the competition in the Week of international cinema in Terueli, Spain). Besides, he translator from French, British, Lithuanian languages. Must seem new collection of prose publishing "Fiction" under the title "Intoxicated book or yellowish color of pure white snow" … (In the title — an obvious perezvuk Arthur Rimbaud — remember his "Drunken Ship"?)
Compilation was released only in 2006. Posthumously. And then, during the second half of 1990, Astashonok had to urgently leave Minsk and Belarus. From Kiev brought only his ashes …
"Neuzh I die! .." Yes — prophetically? — He named the last section of his book. And asked how many other questions: "Why die best?" Recalled Plautus, who claimed: "Quem di diligunt, adolescens moritur" — "Pets gods die young." But remember the number of the same antykav: "Inheritance continue identity of the deceased." We have before us — a legacy. Maybe something else will , but so far — that is, 16.64 publisher’s sheet.
"Tosca" — that had to be referred to as a book writer himself, as evidenced by his interview
with the magazine "verb". And he felt the secret communication excellent words and their sound to the world of phenomena and things with the world of feelings and moods. Because, perhaps, particularly acutely and painfully aware of the danger to the existence of the native, the Belarusian word. First — because of long-term pressure of Russification. If her native homeland indigenous language confesses secondary, unnecessary, almost a stranger. About — first story "Belarusian accent."
In general, Ales Astashonok nicely captures accents aspects of man’s inner world. Unrest, uncertainty, disorder Genesis. Reacted to everything, like a narrow seysmograf. The main thing, as methyl in the foreword to the book "The Colors of the soul" Ales Adamovich, "anxiety comes from his talent." Talent sensitive, fragile though — quite often — and stressed the gruff, with a bias in naturalism. Talent curb strong knowledge — and this contributed to a thorough knowledge of languages. … But no talent, no knowledge does not come to the rescue of any person from errors or from treachery, nor from plague. According least, heroes Ales Ostashenko. In the story "The lady in lilac sorrow" hero to most own destruction if not idolizes beloved lady — her husband. For her everything — talent, creativity, life. And she, as it turns out, Mercantile faryseyka for which nothing is sacred … We know that’s true, but we, the readers, the protagonist and leave this world in a happy — or terrible — ignorance of the truth.
"Once you dreamed and believed, you just was sure that everything would be not because of others, and without error, without losses … It turned out something quite turnaround …" — Ales Ostashenko spavyadaetstsa hero.
His lure, motivate here are the types of people: at the turn of life, the existence of absolutely no regulatory laws on ethics, aesthetics, social stereotypes. "Chronicle wear" — and called the first part of the book "The yellowish color of pure white snow." This expectation of real wear one-storey block in a big city and "wear" real figures, those that have not purchased "Pantsyrny" experience of existence, lost valuable aspects, were in a corner of the local consciousness and real life. Deadlock — current, svyadomasny.
What’s this? Their fault? Fate? Providence? Or something else? Why last handsome, dandy — white scarf, shiny shoes — reincarnated as a vagabond, stuffed, being an outsider? Mentioned here Vien and Verlaine, heroes Steynbeka, bitter and Leonid Andreyev, Shukshina and Vampilov … Sartre and Camus mentioned … Like their characters, heroes Belarusian writer Ostashenko feel the loss of meaning of life, its fundamental principle. No wonder Astashonok repeated: "A man is hopelessly alone. Lonesome."
And I have an idea of seditious. And so that state publishing house then, in 1994, published a book Ales Ostashenko … Certainly, it would not change anything, but — as is not wise to remember-just, though indescribably sad majestic words of the poet: "I’m not alone, I have a book …"
Books — was not … Was — loneliness …

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