In the past year in Belarus capital punishment sentenced 16 people

Compared with 2005, the last year the highest measure has been used 8 times more. Such an increase of the Supreme Court Valentin Sukala explains that in the past wasof trials were held against several members of criminal gangs. "In some cases it was not the death penalty," — said female, as an example of calling a gang Morozova, which account for 16 murders. Two groups of participants Morozovskoj submitted to Alexander Lukashenko appeal, and therefore the execution of the sentence deferred.
O.Gulak: "There is the problem of human morality: a man can not kill another human being"
Human rights activist Aleh Hulak logic reasoning Sukala sovereign nor deny. But says that they are incompatible with the principles of human morality generally.
Hulak: "This is a long-standing and davneshny dispute problem — what is the death penalty. We agree that there were some exceptional cases that essentially merciless atrocities committed. Certain logic in this, you can find. But! There problem of human morality: the person does not can kill another person. can not be considered a solid when a person kills another, even if this man provided for you right government. And in any case, the death penalty — people do not itself for itself clogged. There are people who it mattersout, admit it valid. And it’s creepy. On the other hand, is a purely legal approach. Let’s open the Criminal Code and we’ll see what the goals of punishment? re human! No way we can not allow the punishment was of like the place. And the death penalty — is a pure revenge. And this is the Middle Ages. "
More than 10 years of a moratorium on the death penalty is a condition of mandatory membership in the Council of Europe. Back in 2003, members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe called on the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus to impose a moratorium on the death penalty. But then the Belarusian deputies disagreed.
80% of the population of Belarus, according to the results of the 1996 referendum voted against the abolition of the death penalty. Then voted for the abolition of the 17% of voters. Opponents are convinced that the abolition of the death penalty to declare in advance, as this can cause an explosion in crime.
International human rights organization "Amnesty International" in their own yearly reports notes: more countries in the world renounces the death penalty. But in the past year in the world was condemned to death more people than in the past quarter century. Own contribution to this statistic brought it and Belarus — the only country in Europe where up to This time executed death.
M.Grib: "I am totally against the death penalty"
Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Mieczyslaw Mushroom in once rassledvav so called Vitebsk business. Serial killer and rapist could not catch a couple of years. According mushrooms, then a miscarriage of justice in the announcement of the death penalty was the cause of death of an innocent man.
Mushroom: "Apparently, some people think that I, having worked 36 years in the police, would support the death penalty. But in fact I am totally against the death penalty (although, in fairness, this may not be the worst punishment in comparison with indefinite detention.) Capital punishment may entail judicial error, which can not fix can be. Indeed person will not lift, do not resurrect. Vitebsk When was the case, we have found 13 people illegally convicted for criminal acts they did not commit . And one of them, Terenia was even shot by a court. That’s when we really have seen, what can cause a miscarriage of justice. "
Under Belarusian law, the death of a person can be punished only for murder. Shot only adult guys.
The body is not given to relatives. Date of execution not previously reported.
In 2006, Belarus to review the results of criminal cases convicted more than 78 thousand persons. With all this justified only 162 people.
Together with the fact, According to the chairman of the Supreme Court `s bitch domestic courts admitted baseless verdicts against 12 persons, from whom the offense did not represent a public menace.
In the overall structure of criminal penalties can be traced more frequent use of proprietary sanctions — punishment in the form of fines was chosen against 8 thousand 600 people, representing 11% of all inmates (three years, reversing the figure was 3.2%).
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