In the twenty worst dictators the world Lukashenko was ranked 14th


Some political analysts zabugornye portend imminent departure from the political scene of the Belarusian manager who immediately put under pressure by the West and Russia. But the Alexander Lukashenko is convinced that the rumors about the end of his political career exaggerated. Here is what he said about it in an interview with "Reuters":
Lukashenka: "Let God be for these four years, I do what I promised to their own people. If I do it and health will allow me, I will be active working person, I do not want to leave the political struggle. "
The question is really whether the sovereign Lukashenko, who is considered the last dictator of Europe, so devoted to his own business, or he just does not accept any nominations today’s post. In fact, all autocratic favorites such as Lukashenko, regardless of their political philosophy, share one major instinct — the instinct of self-preservation, retention of power in his own hands, says David Vallachinskogo, South American despots research modern world: presidents, kings and princes that steel fist run their countries.
Vallachinskogo divides dictators into three categories: those who have power in the heritage of their own relatives, as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who, like Fidel Castro seized power in the country by force, and those who grew up in the rulers thanks political career as Lukashenko and other post-Soviet autocrats.
Says David Vallachinskogo:
Vallachinskogo: "In cases of Lukashenko, the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, a former favorite of Niyazov of Turkmenistan and others — these gentlemen just lucky to get into the necessary place at the right time when Russian Union collapse of Communism. And they were able to transform into new characters independent states, with all this kind of retaining an old Soviet system. "
For the first time in the list got Putin, "retired" Turkmenbashi
David Vallachinskogo annually updates its twenty worst dictators in the world. Today he means to publish a list of February 11. The first number it stands as the world’s worst Teran Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who was blamed for the killings and deportation of hundreds of thousands of people in Darfur. Next are the head of North Korea, Iran, China, Zimbabwe.
From this list, a sinner in This year fell Turkmenbashi (in the past year, Niyazov was in 8th place). In connection with his death list moved. As a result of the 20-st place entirely brand new identity in the list of dictators — Russian President Vladimir Putin. Alexander Lukashenko place in this list is the same — 14th. Karimov went around it — 8th place, and ruler Abdullah of Saudi Arabia — 5th place.
David Vallachinskogo dictators own rating based on certain aspects: the violation of freedom of speech and conscience in countries electoral fraud, corruption and dependence of the judicial system, the inability of public protests and criticism of the government with impunity.
"Lukashenko looked and behaved like a gangster"
Of all the defendants own list of dictators David Vallachinskogo could personally follow only one person — Alexander Lukashenko. During the Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan Vallachinskogo beheld the Belarusian ruler in bed for the principal guests hockey arena.
Vallachinskogo retained from those observations recollection that Lukashenko looked and behaved like a gangster.
Vallachinskogo: "In the first evening he arose dressed in a suit and tie, as befits the country’s favorite. Seems wore his guards. Later, however, they suddenly changed their own kind and came to sports suits, such as those put on training. But it is not changed their appearance, they looked like before as a political mafia. "
In their own research papers sire Vallachinskogo dogs not only a dictator, and the suppression of their pripiranie people. It also examines the personal lives of dictators. He it mattersis to remind readers that these are real people and not artificial monsters.
"He smuschyaetsya own origin"
Studying privacy Lukashenko, Vallachinskogo could not find a photo of his wife. When he asked a group of Belarusian sports journalists in Nagano, they replied that he had never beheld her, and even her pictures.
Vallachinskogo considers it weird, but states that this fact to help him to develop a theory of "individual demon Lukashenko."
Vallachinskogo: "I have the impression that he was ashamed of his own origins, he would like to be the favorite of the real world, but if you see his wife, you will know where it came from really."
In fact, the wife of Alexander Lukashenko Galina never performed the duties of the first lady. She lives near Shklow where Lukashenko began his career.
Time dictators euro point of view, has already passed
Talking about the future of the Belarusian dictator, sire Vallachinskogo notes that Lukashenko came languid times, he must immediately fight the large dependence of the Belarusian economy of, and with pressure from the West, who wishes that he refused to isolation. His autocratic style would be the problem if he tries to impose new connections.
Vallachinskogo: "Lukashenko in a difficult situation because at the moment is not the time when European favorites were ready to close their eyes to human rights violations. It is perceived as a thorn in the side of the continent. Being a dictator, as Lukashenko — in other words to be a part the time that is a Euro viewpoint already passed. "
So makarom that remains Alexander Lukashenko, when it shall be removed from a normal partner, our homeland, and Europe? Views on sovereign Vallachinskogo, in which case it will do the same as all the Terai, when they need support — to find other similar for yourself.
Vallachinskogo: "If he has difficulty with the Europeans and Russians, he will do what they do many other Terai — he would appeal to the Chinese, Iranians, dictators around the world, who seek to maintain each other. It will increase its trade with China, Pakistan, Iran and African states, if they have something, than one to use. "
In fact Lukashenko has already established contacts with the management of such countries as Iran, Cuba, Venesuela. But so far it is unclear whether these relationships are enough to keep in power the last dictator of Europe. "
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