In the U.S. last passions around Thani Kozyro

Then a representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Paul Szydlowski, who specially arrived in Petaluma for a meeting with Tanya and her South American Kozyro lawyer insists on the immediate return of the girls home, lawyer testifies Keroski legitimacy finding underage Belarusians in the United States.
In the last days of a controversy over Thani Kozyro intensively joined representatives of the U.S. and Chernobyl programs.
As stated in an interview with California edition "Santa Rosa Press Democrat" Belarusian diplomat Paul Szydlowski, he flew to Petaluma in order to resolve the situation peacefully method, taking into account the very interests of the girls. Of follow-up comments, but Shidlovskii refused.
In turn, the child’s lawyer Christopher Kerosky from San Francisco, said that as before Kozyro wants to stay in United States. He said, but did not rule out that Tanya may change its decision to end the conversation with a representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.
According to the California media, the family Debbie and Manuel Zapata, to which the girl visited Belarus in the last days again did not return calls.
Meanwhile other South American family who perceived this summer Belarusian kids, Zapata began sending photos of Tanya’s friends on holiday.
"We wish that Tanya and Zapata loaf about those kids on whose fate may affect its act — says activist Susan Zhovns Chernobyl initiatives. — Homecoming may be the most magnanimous act in her life. "
Organizers Belarusian kids stay in the United States are convinced that otherwise similar exchange visits will be terminated forever.
"Yes, it will be a disaster if the program from quitting," — said the lawyer Keroski. But, he adds, in a decision by the Thani there are many other reasons that this influence.
By him, Belarusian government promised it would resume aaplet exchange if Kozyro return.
Belarusian girls lawyer says reporters that he did not understand why the government is insisting on its return.
"Tanya has a real Kozyro almost to the end, the South American visa, and also her grandmother-granddaughter guardian supported the decision to stay," — says Keroski. Tags: united states, Borisov, trump, Petaluma, Zapata

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