Independent: The U.S. and Europe have been humbled

South American political scientist Eugene Rumer writes in "Washington Post", nowshnyaya situation reminds him the situation of the Russian Federation Russian Union 30 years ago.
"30 years ago, well-fed from the oil and gas revenues Russian Alliance threatened Europe and threw a challenge to the United States. In 1979, Russian tanks in Afghanistan … vkatsilisya West was not able to stop the monster capital without risking nuclear destruction of the world" — says Rumer. "Russian invasion of Afghanistan drove the last nail in the coffin adruzhannya — shy policy of rapprochement between East and West. She also founded one of the more" frosty "chapters in the history of" cool war ", which ended with the fall of the Union of Russian. 10 years after invasion did not exist Warsaw contract. Europe began to send humanitarian aid to Russia. Russian troops suffered defeat in Afghanistan … Who can say that the Russian victory in Georgia will not lead to a subsequent crash a couple of years? "- Asks Eugene Rumer in" Washington Post ".
The paper’s own capital correspondent entitled "In Russia prevails nationalistic pride," current "Washington Post" recalls freshest Levada Center poll in 2100 in the midst of the Russians, according to which 71 percent of respondents supported the separatist South Ossetia goal, but only 2 adstotki expressed awareness of the objectives of Georgia.
"New York Times" criticizes the administration of President George W. Bush for "vague promises" toward Georgian President Saakashvili Misha, who, in the views of the newspaper, it could assure that the operation in South Ossetia, Tbilisi will receive strong support from Washington. The newspaper says U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to Tbilisi month back, where she showed public support for the South American political course Saakashvili. According to the "New York Times", referring to unnamed sources in the Bush administration, private Rice Beware Saakashvili before military intervention against the separatists pavdnevaasetynskih. The newspaper also claims that Saakashvili warned Washington about his intention to conduct a military operation in South Ossetia.
According to British newspaper «Independent», Six-day Russian-Georgian conflict substantiates Our homeland that completely returned to geopolitics. "Moscow has shown that it is prepared to use military force to advance their strategic objectives, and the Western democracies — not" — writes the newspaper correspondent Anne Penket. "In the world of international great-Games Our homeland sovereign Putin, who has regained confidence, won waves of which would be inconsistent over the years. United States and Europe, dependent on the good will and Russian gas, have been humbled."
English "Daily Telegraph" argues that our homeland has changed the balance of power in Europe, "aneksuyuchy" fifth of Georgia. "Having this power, Moscow hopes that its conditions regarding reconciliation consolidate its achievements," — adds «Daily Telegraph».
English "Times" make a list of who won and lost in the Russian-Georgian conflict. On the side of the favorites, according to the newspaper, there were Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian army. On the side of those that lost Misha Saakashvili, the Georgian people, the hope for Georgia’s membership in NATO and Western favorites, which, according to "Times", were not able to offer any military assistance to countries seeking to join NATO.
South American political scientist Victor Davis Gansen in "National Review" uses the word "devil bliskuchasts" in regards to how our homeland has planned its operation in Georgia. According Gansena geopolitical promise Georgian conflict in the West is very clear: there is no sense even to talk about NATO membership for former Russian republics. If Georgia was in NATO , argues Gansen, this alliance is likely to fall apart, because hardly any of the members of NATO would seriously desired to provide military assistance to Georgia. Tags: Our homeland, usa, print, Ossetia, Georgia, Rice, Bush

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