Inhabitants of Vitebsk talks about the ability of the government and opposition

Man: "I believe that by Milinkevich is a real act! Lukashenko After contact with the sides of each fair, even more so active person, and even more so to the same level of public policy — it least unpleasant. And because I appreciate that for the sake of the future of Belarus Milinkevich went to such a step. Together with the fact I think it is quite futile — unfortunately, this step will have no effect. "
Woman: "I have not heard anything at all about who is who suggested that. Naturally, this does not come out somehow in our disk imaging tools Well, now I hear, now I know. And I think that nothing constructive …"
Young Man: "In the context of the overall situation in the country, I think it’s the right move. Currently Lukashenko in quite a difficult situation, but the opposition is in a nasty situation for the simple reason that it does not seem to know what to do! In the end, it is not necessary once the negotiating table. This may seem arcane, but basically everything can be in this life! "
Lady: "I think it’s totally wrong — refer to Lukashenko proposing" let’s be together "it’s funny. Funny and sad for Milinkevich. Kozulin I sympathize with — I do not remember, or read on the Web, or in the" People’s Will "that he said: "With Veterans need to speak from a position of strength." In another way, it will not work!
Man: "I’ve got the association since 1989, the year when the favorite of the Polish" Solidarity "Walesa came to the table with the authorities — with Jaruzelski. But then for Walesa was 10 million Poles, or even more. Behind him was the power behind it was the power! And here I read from the beginning that the sovereign Milinkevich — is weak politician. And now, when he addressed this letter to Lukashenko, I generally argue that Europe was wrong, giving him "Sakharov" premium. "
Woman: "I believe that nothing constructive to say Milinkevich fails simply because it does not give, I think his" plug "on the first 2-3 sentences, because Alexander G. can not engage in dialogue. At this all and end . "
Man: "I am very unhappy with your Milinkevich him this open letter, since this power can only speak from a position of strength. And if you arrange for a partnership, it already smells like a betrayal. Yet Lukashenko feels that strong, and because Milinkevich not wait any response. "

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